Growing cucumbers in the country in the open ground

growing cucumbers in the open ground

Mainly on their own plots, gardeners grow cucumbers in the open ground, rarely in greenhouses.

But even the «open ground» involves the use of various devices: arc stretched over some kind of material, glass frames, temporary sheds etc.

This culture is difficult to tolerate and sensitive to low draughts.

Growing cucumbers in the open ground

If the shelter is light, cucumbers are best grown in a horizontal position, with only partial tying the arcs. With this method heat will be better preserved, and less moisture to evaporate.

Cucumber garden in the country must be located from East to West. This is necessary in order to plants the whole day was the sun.

For ease of growing and caring for cucumbers, the ridge is wider than five feet do not have to cook, the optimal width 1-1. 2 m.

One of the ways of growing cucumbers in the open ground in the beds «trenches». Autumn dug a ditch with a depth of 35-40cm., and a width of 1 m and is filled with biofuel.

At the bottom are stacked, weeds, leaves, small twigs, then a layer of compost to aligning with the surface of the earth.

Then made a bed height of 15cm. of two layers: the first hay, straw and the second of garden soil.

This design will highlight the heat needed for cucumbers. Then as usual, set the arc with the covered material.

You can make a design on the open ground of the boards. Bed

growing cucumbers in the open ground

prepared as in the previous method, only on top of a wooden box. The height of the walls on three sides 15cm., on the North side of 25-30cm.

Structured soil should be below the edges 3 of the sides 6 cm. To a large Board nailed polyethylene film is used for additional insulation at night until the danger of freezing. Cucumbers at below 14 º C., do not develop.

The soil for growing cucumbers

Cucumber culture prefers loose and rich in organic matter of the soil. The shortage of oxygen in heavy soils the root system is inhibited, the development is slow.

To somehow improve the situation, gardeners conduct periodic hoeing around the plants. Negative attitude to the acid and peat soils.

The soil prepared in the fall. Fresh manure for the formation of the beds is better not to use, he must first undergo composting at least six months.

Besides, he can cause cucumber root rot disease. In the spring the surface of the beds carefully apply a rake to remove soil from roots of weeds, clods of earth.

Well pour water and cover with plastic wrap. For suppression of weeds and better warming of the soil, use black tape. The day before planting a flower bed for growing cucumbers watered once more and covered.

Sowing seeds of cucumbers in the open ground

The next day sow the seeds. They are sown two options, or a number, or make holes. From the edge of the garden retreat 10cm.

Holes are prepared in a checkerboard pattern. The seed immersed for 1-1,5 see For insurance in soil are sown on the same plot a few seeds at a distance of 4cm Extra then pinch.

In each hole paid half a glass of wood ash, 2st.l. azofoski and 1H.l. of sulphate of potash. After sowing, the surface is covered with a film or glass. After about a week you should see sprouts.

Care cucumbers

With the emergence of the first leaf, if the weather conditions permit, the additional tape is removed.

To do this it is necessary, otherwise the plants will be worn out. At +30 º C., cucumber ovaries are sterilized.

With the emergence of the 3rd leaf after thinning, the distance between plants should be 20cm., and between the rows 70cm.

In the same period, the cultivation is carried out the first feeding. Use diluted mullein 1:10, infusion weeds 1:5.

Watering to produce better in the evening with warm water, it greatly increases productivity. As necessary, carry out weeding and light hoeing of the soil between the rows.

At +20o C., flowering occurs in a month, and at +25 ° C., in 3 weeks. During flowering cucumbers watering is carried out only in the aisles.

If pollination was successful, then after about 7-10 days you can remove the first crop of cucumbers.

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