Growing Chinese cabbage


Many Amateur gardeners face the problem of growing such, unpretentious at first glance, the vegetable crops like cabbage.

It would seem, is the difficulty. Buy seeds, sow them in the open ground in spring, they germinate, and then the surprises begin.

In the end, the undertaking ends in complete failure: on a bed of loose cabbage, cabbage gives the flower stems and blossoms.

Other planted cabbage at the same time with black radish early July, and, alas, the cabbage is eaten cruciferous flea beetle.

The staircase is completely destroyed. And here at random, some seeds are planted Chinese cabbage in August, because it has a short vegetation period (about 70 days), and they are lucky: it starts to rain, the nights are getting chilly, and flea disappears. And the cricket so far ignores the «pekinku».

Light frost cabbage resists perfectly, and to conceal it is not necessary. And in early October you can rent a good harvest.

Gardener fan cheers with the initial success begins to experience different methods of cultivation of Chinese cabbage.

With experience it is possible to contrive to successfully grow this vegetable in spring and summer-autumn planting — thus removing for the season two crops.

But above all, we must not overlook the fact that cabbage is a plant long-day (when the duration of 12 hours or more cabbage blooms).

During the short daylight hours no formation of arrows with the seeds, it is the leaves grow, tie cabbages and that’s what we want.

And the sprouts don’t like heat. It grows best if the temperature is equal to plus 15-25°C.

It is for this reason, a summer crop sow seeds should in a special cassette with a 5 to 10 April on the windowsill.

Grown seedlings transferred to the greenhouse, and the second decade of may is the time when cabbage is planted under the covering material on the soil.

Summer planting seedlings provides for the preparation of such tapes in July in the second or third week of the month.

A place for them becomes a Sunny place, protected from pests. It is very important to ensure that the plants do not dry out.

The vegetable garden is planted (method transfer) at the end of July, you need to be careful not to damage the roots.

The place designated for the beds should be well covered, while at midday is protected by a fence from the sun’s rays.

Usually cabbage replanted to other vegetables, to radishes, for example, or salad (as a culture-seal) or placed after the garlic (as re-culture).

Since cabbage is not suitable acidic soil (it gets kila), in the process of preparing the beds for the planting of winter garlic is payable dolomite flour or lime.

Because pecinci the root system is weak, fill the soil with organics you need, using a well-weathered peat, humus, cucumber blown after the ridges the manure. Only here fresh manure to use is strictly prohibited.

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