Growing celeriac

Growing celeriac

For a fragrant biennial plants of the family Umbelliferae is characterized by a large content of essential oils.

This makes celery a popular spice in cooking.

Therefore, along with other similar crops (parsnip, parsley) plant gardeners and this plant.

Growing celeriac is no different from farming leaf and stemmed varieties.

Place for growing celery

Celery does not grow on acid soils. So choose areas with slightly alkaline soil with high humus content.

Since autumn should proizvestkovat plot using organic and mineral fertilizers. With spring feeding of organics is eliminated.

The place for planting celery is chosen sufficiently illuminated without deep shadows. As the predecessor of the great crops – zucchini, cucumbers, potatoes and cabbage.

Seedlings of celery

As the vegetation period at the celery is too long (almost six months), in many regions of the country better grow a culture of seedling method.

Those who have no greenhouses, seedling boxes to set the house on window sills, where they will stay for 2.5 months.

In open ground the roots are transferred, when the heat is on the street already quite established, that is somewhere from the middle of may.

Young seedlings do not tolerate frost below -50C. to enhance the immunity of seedlings of celery, its roots are pre-dipped in clay «talker».

The scheme of planting celery

Growing celeriac in the beds is carried out in several ways:

  • As the main crop of celery in the garden planted an ordinary method. Between the rows is aged for a distance of 40 cm between the roots of 15 cm.


  • If celery is used as a sealant, it is planted along the edges of garden beds with other cultures (often with pickles) or along the tracks, transplanting roots at a distance of 20 cm from each other.

 Care fit

Planting in the garden beds, to care for them to collect a good harvest. Growing celeriac special machinery is not required.

  • Watering is carried out depending on the weather. They should be frequent (about 6 per season), but not very large – enough for 10 sq m 30 buckets.


  • Feeding for the entire growing period with a maximum of 3:

— immediately after planting paid «mineral water» (phosphorus-potassium-nitrogen mixture);

second time, same thing, but with an increased dose of potassium fertilizer;

Growing celeriac

— in the third feed can be used Samson slurry tankers, celery responds well to it.

  • Cultivation is carried out in so far as, if formed on the basis of the cover.


  • The protection of culture is to deal with such pests as aphids. Among the diseases of celery marked mosaic, powdery mildew, downy mildew, Septoria blotch.


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