Growing Cannes in the garden

growing Cannes

Cannes – flowers create a beautiful decoration for garden flower beds at the cottage.

Belong to the family Cannaceae (Supposee).

Very beautiful plants, especially when planting in large groups in the middle of the flower beds.

Also have a good popularity growing in the summer at home in pots on balconies.

Growing Cannes

These flowers prefer open Sunny places, they love the light and quietly tolerate direct sunlight. Cannes bloom from early summer to the frost.

With the onset of warm days, the plants are planted in the open ground 0.5 a-0.7 m. Cannes reaches of development for one year from the planted rhizomes.

During the summer season flowers a few times you need to feed complex fertilizers (liquid).

Before the emergence of shoots Cannes, watering is carried out in moderation, with the development of the plants the amount of moisture is expected to increase. During flowering, flowers are watered abundantly.

These flowers need loose, fertile soil with a deep treatment. To ensure a better quality of development, lush flowering Cannes, florists arrange the plants in a hot bed of organic matter.

This can be manure, compost, straw, sawdust and leaves. The thickness of the organic layer should be not less than 20cm, and is sprinkled over the top soil with a thickness of about 25cm.

The heat that is released during digestion, provides grown Gangnam favorable conditions for the development and flowering, and organic matter provides an additional food roots.

With the onset of autumn, the leaves from the flowers gradually fall off, in this period, reduce watering until the complete cessation.

Before the frost, Cannes needs a high hill, to protect the root of the neck from freezing. If this is not done during winter storage, the flowers can rot and die.

In regions with a mild climate rhizome pre-insulated can be left in the ground. If there is a threat of frost, it is better to dig for storage.

To rhizome Cannes keep till spring, after digging they should be in within 2 days to dry, remove wilted leaves and damaged roots, then cover with moist peat and place in a cool place, but not less than 10°C.

In early spring, rhizome extract, remove, obsolete, old roots. For reproduction

growing Cannes

Cannes rhizomes of the plant are divided into free separated processes.

For the cultivation of Cannes use the roots at least 5 cm in length. Place slices need to sprinkle the powdered charcoal and dry.

After that, for the preparation of planting material for sowing, it is placed in boxes with moist sand.

After a while they begin to develop, new shoots and roots.

The most popular varieties Cannes for cultivation among gardeners and florists.

Garden Canna (Canna x generalis L. H. Bailey). Synonym: Hortense of Canna (Canna x hortensis Guillaumin).

America — up to 1.5 metres, leaves are purple, flowers are dark red.

Gurzuf — the height of two feet, flowers pink, leaves green. Konigin Charlotte grows up to 70 cm flowers are red with yellow border, green leaves.

Crimean Riviera, the height of about 1 m. the flowers are pink with a pale yellow tinge, the leaves are brownish purple.

Louise von Ratibor — height to 1 m, flowers pink, leaves brown-purple. Moonlight — grows to 70 cm flowers are pale lemon colour.

Lucifer yellow and red-red flowers.

The President — reaches 1 m. the flowers are bright red, leaves green.

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