Growing borage borage and its medicinal properties

borage - Borago

Borage, this spice gardeners more commonly called cucumber herb due to the similar flavor of fresh cucumbers.

This plant can perfectly replace the fresh cucumber in a variety of dishes.

Besides borage has healing properties, and is unpretentious in cultivation.

Borage ( borage, borage, brown) – it’s the name of one plant, whose leaves contain ascorbic acid, carotene, large amounts of potassium, citric acid, Apple and so on.

This annual plant grows to a height of 70-100cm. Since ancient times this spice was considered curative and no wonder.

Brown helps with rheumatism and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, alleviates nervous disorders, improves metabolism.

For food use leaves and flowers, first add to the hash, side dishes, salad, and flowers to dry and then add to the tea.

To grow borage better on light fertile soils, then it is possible to obtain a good harvest. To fresh herbs was on the table during the entire summer season, to sow the spices several times with an interval of 1-2 weeks.

Borage is grown only from seeds. Sown in open ground in early may. The plot for planting you need to loosen and remove weeds.

Next, prepare grooves with a depth of 2 cm, row spacing of about 20cm. The seeds of Borago lay at a distance of 2-3cm from each other, and gently prosypayutsya. If the soil is dry, it should be abundantly watered.

After germination, carried out, if necessary thinning, the distance

growing borage (borage)

between plants leave about 5cm. Removed seedlings can be transplanted to a free site.

The development of borage, conduct another thinning, leaving a gap between the stems of about 15cm. Seized copies are to be used for cooking.

After the rains a good loosening of the soil, together with the weeding. It is also recommended fertilize with a solution mullein (1:10).

Adhering to the above-described tips, borage can bloom until late autumn.

Borage perfectly regenerates. Seeds Mature by late summer-early autumn, they fall to the soil for the next season alone will germinate, will only remove the excess.

Some special connoisseurs of the spice grown borage in the winter at home in boxes and have been using this plant for salads.

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