Growing begonias home

begonia home

Among indoor plant enthusiasts enjoyed the special favor of begonia.

This flower can serve as a perfect interior decoration.

In addition, he is magnificent and beautiful flowers, its velvety patterned leaves are also very decorative.

Novice gardeners who like begonia home, breeding the best to start with less demanding tuberous species.


The prepared substrate designed for this flower, you can buy in the store or to prepare the soil mixture in which the home begonia will grow independently.

You will need to mix equal parts coarse sand, peat and well-rotted leaf mold. As drainage use small pebbles or expanded clay. Landing can be carried out throughout the spring.

Planting material can be cuttings or tubers. If growing begonias is the first method, the shoots are cut with a sharp knife, should have three to four leaf.

Place slices on the mother plants and stalks sprinkle wood ashes. Cuttings are rooted in the substrate, occasionally basting. Here it is necessary to remember that excess moisture threatens the rotting of the young roots.

A more reliable way of getting a blossoming flower growing begonias from tubers. Healthy fallopian tuber is divided into parts so that each of them had two or three kidney eyes. In the flesh in slices rubbed wood ash.

Prepared delenki planted in containers, falling asleep the earth in half. Landing put in shading place, and sometimes watering, avoiding overwatering. At emergence of the first shoots of the pots should be moved into the lighted area. In this case the exposed tubers dusted with soil.


The conditions of detention and care

It is best if in the summer, begonia will be placed on the sills of the Windows facing the East or South-West. There is enough light, and at the same time there is no danger of burns from the scorching sun.

In winter, the pot should be moved to a South window. At this time useful to arrange additional lighting. Begonia home is growing and developing at normal room temperature throughout the year.

Prolonged detention in a cold room at a temperature of +15 degrees and below the plant is contraindicated. As this flower is native to the tropics, you need to maintain around it moist atmosphere. This is especially

Growing begonias home

important when farming in winter, when hot the radiator is drained by the air.

At this time it should always moisturize. It is useful to put a pot of begonia on a wet concrete block, poured into a wide container or pallet. Spray the plant itself is not recommended that it did not lose its decorative effect.

Watering produce a soft and warm water, after it dries the surface of the earth. In summer, watering should be more abundant. Feeding is carried out 2 times a month using phosphorus fertilizer. If growing begonias is made with love and attention, she is grateful and lush blooms almost all year.

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