Growing beans in the open ground

Growing beans in the open ground

All legumes are very nutritious.

For example, the beans contain more protein than in the best sorts of meat.

Therefore, it is recommended to use in almost all diet menus.

Sometimes gardeners grow beans for decorative purposes: for decorating arches, gazebos, etc.

It does not prevent them in parallel to harvest the fruit.

And yet, this culture is a great green manure and enriches the soil with nitrogen due to the existing roots nodule bacteria.

Characteristics of growing beans

For beans you want to pick a good site. Though culture in their demands «minimalist», but try to grow in closed from winds the beds. Shadow culture not worried,» but to the soil requirements – it should be slightly acidic.

There is another feature that should be taken into account. Beans can be planted in the beds where there is fresh or a year ago organic. But mineral fertilizers are welcome (nitrogen previously in the fall, phosphate and potash in the spring).

The placement of seeds beanSeeds pre-soaked in a manganese solution, then washed and dried. In the ground beans should be sown when the air temperature reaches 10-120 – earlier planting will result in the death of seedlings.

To grow beans efficiently in 2 portions: the first batch in last week of may, the second in early June, stepping on 6 cm.

Wrap the seeds in clay soils at 3 cm in a sandy – 5 cm Thin out rows of beans once when the bushes will appear the first true leaf.

Diagram growing runner beans

To grow beans in different ways. Someone uses the free areas of the garden by planting the culture in a row. Or making the bean «edging» in the garden with other vegetable crops.

But often use the following options:

  • Tape: planting beans in 2 lines with the distance between the strips 60 cm Rows from each other within 25 cm.
  • Ordinary: the distance in the row between plants is 15 cm rows Themselves are spaced from each other by half a meter.
  • Square-cluster: the size of the nest 40×40 cm, inside of which were planted 5 seeds.

 Caring for the beans

Little to spread the culture behind it you also need to take care of. So that further agricultural cultivation of beans is as follows:

Growing beans in the open ground

  • The glaze before the formation of the ovaries conduct is strictly prohibited – all color will crumble. Further note that the bean does not tolerate waterlogging.
  • Additional fertilizer can be made in the period of budding.
  • Tilling the soil is the favorite procedure for this culture. Spend more of the first inputs and to harvest, combining with the weeding.


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