Growing beans in the garden at the cottage

growing beans

This culture gardeners called beans garden, garden, Russian, and so on.

But in all cases we are talking about the same plant of the legume family that is grown by many Amateurs.

Beans — an annual plant, whose fruit are used to prepare various nutritious dishes in different countries.

In content they are rich in vitamins, mineral salts and enzymes. The protein contained in fruits is easily digested.

Growing beans requires certain skills, culture is not fussy. Seeds able to germinate even at low temperatures.

In General the optimum temperature for normal growth of plants of 18-20°C. They need long daylight hours, if not abundance, of light yield is reduced, slowing the flowering.

Depending on the variety from sowing to harvest, it may take 3 to 5 months. Therefore, choosing varieties for cultivation of beans, consider the climate of your region.

Place in the garden for this culture: choose a Sunny, sheltered from the wind. Beans do not tolerate shading.


As with all legumes, under favorable conditions, the root system can develop to a depth of 1.5 meters.

Acidic soils not suitable for cultivation of beans. Site preparation for planting starts in the fall with deep digging, weeding, and application of rotted manure (5-6L on 1.m).

In the spring before sowing, the soil is dug over again and make fertilizer in the same proportions as for the peas.

Immediately before planting, they need to be soaked in water at room temperature to swell.

Depending on the weather and the region, usually in early may, after preparation of the beds and the swelling of the seeds you can begin planting.


Wrap bean seeds to a depth of 6 cm in pre-prepared holes. Then sprinkle the ground and abundantly watered. Before germination the soil should not dry out.

The garden bed, you can mulch, so will continue the heat to evaporate and less moisture.

The cultivation of beans and caring for them is periodic watering, loosening the soil, particularly after rains and fertilizing complex fertilizers with a high content of phosphorus and potassium.

The harvest begins in late August. Immature beans are richer and tastier, rich in nutrients and the content of ascorbic acid, same as in green peas.

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