Growing Basil on the windowsill

growing Basil on the windowsill

This undemanding plant, like Basil, is widely used in medicine and in cooking.

It is added to soups, salads, crab omelettes.

It is especially popular in the Caucasus, French and Italian cuisine.

In medicine, Basil is used for depression, stomach cramps, and for strengthening the nervous system.

In the past the cottages is possible to grow Basil on the windowsill in the apartment. It can be grown all year round, but it is better to start in the spring.

For this purpose it is desirable to choose small-leaved varieties, for example, «Marquis» and «Clove flavor.»

To grow Basil in two ways: through seeds or cuttings. If you choose to plant Basil at home on the windowsill, you should choose the first method.

Crop, of course, will have to wait a bit longer, but it would be safer. The fact that the young stems of the herbs are quite fragile, so it is very easy to damage.

So, where to start? Take the long boxes and fill them with earth. Suitable soil taken from your favorite villas, it is advisable to fertilize it a bit.


Seeds need to be sown no deeper than one centimeter, otherwise the seedlings will have to wait a very long time.

Between seeds leave a gap of about 10 cm, so you do not have to repot the plants.

When the seeds sprout, it’s time to start loosening the soil. This process is necessary, as it promotes open access of oxygen. Cultivation can be carried out once or twice a week.

It is recommended to water the Basil every day. Better to do it in the morning. If you want to get a good harvest, in any case, do not water the plant in the evening.

Do not fill it, Basil likes moderate humidity. The only exception can be made for particularly hot days.

In those days, increase watering to two times – morning and afternoon. This spice is fairly heat-loving plant, so grow it better on the window sill on the Sunny side.

If pots with seedlings you stand on the balcony, and suddenly cold, cover with Basil wrap. And remember: if the plant is not sufficient heat, increase in height stops.

Like many herbs, Basil is prone to diseases. The most common of them is the gray mold and Fusarium.

Plants get sick less often, of course, but to err is still not stopping. The best prevention is to avoid excessive humidity.

And if he is still unwell, you should promptly remove the damaged leaves so the disease did not spread further.

To keep the aroma of the leaves, you have to tear flowering shoots as soon as they appear.

This not only keeps the taste of the plants, but also extends the life, Basil becomes more branched, which increases the harvest.

The plant will grow faster if you will not be tearing down the shoots at the root, and just are careful to separate the leaves that you have decided to eat.

Growing Basil at home is an easy process, and very useful. After having on the windowsill, this plant is unpretentious, you will be spared from lack of vitamins, so healthy and happy.

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