Growing Basil in the garden and its useful properties

Basil scented

Basil scented (garden) like gardeners and summer residents because of the pleasant aroma and spicy taste.

This spice is also often involved in the creation of landscape design suburban area, and the compilation of beautiful floral bouquets.

The color spectrum is different: the flowers are pink, white, lilac, purple leaves, purple, lush green, red.

Fragrant Basil is known for its beneficial properties.

It is widely used in medicine as a diuretic, to improve the cardiovascular system, useful for the digestive system, coughs and so on. The aroma of this spice improves sleep and helps relieve fatigue.

But there is this grass and contraindications, not recommended for people after experiencing a heart attack, stroke, venous disease, and increased blood clotting.


The benefits don’t end Basilica, it is actively used by gardeners to repel insects, because it is

Basil farming

plant repellent.

Basil likes heat, light and moisture, so based on these requirements and should choose him for growing in the garden.

The soil should contain humus and be well drained. For this plant suitable loam and sandy loam plots.

Growing Basil begins with seed germination. The soil temperature should not be below +10C. The warmer it is, the faster the sprouts appear, at 19 — 23 ° C., after 10-15 days, and at 30 — 33 º C., in about a week.

During the germination of Basil seeds and flowering, it is important to ensure that the soil does not dry up. The plant in this period especially in need of moisture. The water should be warm.

Growing Basil begins to the end of may, if we are talking about the outdoors. In greenhouses and greenhouses to cultivate seedlings in April. A seeding depth of 0.5 cm fragrant Basil

Sowing is carried out according to the scheme, approximately 60 cm by 50 cm if there are no defined conditions for your variety. When the seedlings seedlings dive, if in the home, in greenhouses and nurseries thinned.

Stronger plants are transplanted in the open ground in late may. To bloom the spice begins in June until August.

For the successful cultivation of Basil, necessary care. Binding loosening the soil, removing weeds and fertilizing mineral and complex fertilizers.

Clean the spice in dry weather during budding. You can add it to salads, to dry or to numerosity.

Basil grows quickly and in good weather, the frost can give another crop.

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