Growing Basil in the country


Basil is a herbaceous, annual spicy herb of the family Labiatae.

In this culture there are other names: Rean Armenian, Uzbek Rayhon, fragrant cornflowers and so on.

Basil growsto a height of up to 80cm, surface roots and Basil leaves have a color from green to dark purple.

This plant blooms from July until the end of August. Flower color can be white, grayish-purple, lilac and light pink.

The taste and aroma of the adult Basil sharp, and the young leaves and shoots spicy and salty.

This plant is used in medicine for the preparation of medicines and treat different types of diseases.

Basil is composed of essential oil, which is bactericidal. Also used in preparation of spice blends and seasonings.

It has many varieties: Clove, charm, Caramel, Sorcerer, Lemon. Among the gardeners in the cottages widespread varieties: Yerevan, Green, Luzkoviny, Baku.

Growing Basil


Place under growing Basil selected such that it is sun protected from the wind.

This culture is afraid of moisture, shading and practically does not tolerate low temperatures.

He is a very good fit slightly acidic and neutral soils. Preparation of the soil at the landing site starts in the fall.

Entered mineral fertilizers (superphosphate-30 deg., ammonium sulfate 20g., and 5g. potassium salt) and 5 kg of humus on 1 m

Basil is grown in the Northern parts of seedlings, and in the South you can sow seeds in the open ground. This can be done after the departure of the frost. Distance between plants about 20cm, 25cm rows.

Special care of this plant not only need weeding, watering and hoeing, but if you apply the mulch, this work is reduced to a minimum.

growing Basil

Also mulch will help to cope with weeds, which can move the aphid and the bug field.

Diseases of this culture is almost not affected, so any chemicals to process in any case impossible.

Many gardeners — gardeners noticed, if the plant is growing next to the tomatoes, the latter increases productivity.

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