Growing and caring for melons, and varieties

watermelon farming

Watermelon is very demanding to heat, so when planting you need to night-time temperatures did not fall to this time not below +16 degrees.

He needs a large amount of light.

Therefore, planting this crop should be in well-lit areas of the garden or vegetable garden.

It transfers heat well, but additional irrigation causes more rapid growth of the fruit.

It is quite undemanding to the soil, grows well on black soil and Sandstone.

Good plant watermelons in the beds that were used for onions, carrots, beets, cabbage. But even more favorable for this plant virgin places of your garden.

In the autumn the soil should be well dug down to add humus (about 5 kg), mineral fertilizers. In the spring before planting should be urea.

However, the quantity of urea, ammonium nitrate should be limited so as not to spoil the taste of the watermelon.


From early spring until just before sowing loose earth of not less than three times to maintain moisture and alignment.

Before sowing seeds need to soak in a saline solution (one tablespoon in a glass of very warm water) during the day, rinse and wrap for the germination of a piece of canvas or burlap.

When the seeds swell, they can withstand cold up to -2 degrees for hardening within 48 hours.

Put the watermelon squares 1m*1m hole, from the hole. Usually planted three seeds in one hole in the loose dirt and mulch on top of the ground.

Then pour three liters of water every hole and pressed the ground with my hands. Planting depth seed should be from four to eight inches deep depending on the type of soil.

After the first thinning in the phase of the first true leaf suggest to leave no more than two plants in the hole, after the second only one.

Moreover, these plants are better not to pull out so as not to damage the main roots and cut regular sharp scissors.

When the watermelon starts to grow, it can be Spud, but make sure that no weeds, and not formed a crust. To do this, after watering the ground should be lightly loosened.

Water the watermelons only suggest warm water at the root. And when the fruits begin to Mature, watering is reduced to a minimum so as not to spoil the taste.

If you want to get large specimens, leave no more than five ovaries on each lash, and the rest remove. The top lashes should be taught.

The watermelons to ripen evenly on all sides, they need periodically to turn, and to skin is not damaged when watering, I enclose the fruits pieces of broken slate or red bricks of small size.

Varieties of watermelons for growing in the area

For an average strip of Russia good varieties are early type. Such as Light, Photon, a Leader, a Siberian Chill and ultra-early. The period of aging in just two months.

The fruits of these varieties are not gigantic, only about three kilograms, but resistant to disease. And the taste they are amazing!

The sort of «Gift of the sun» differs from others in that from the time of flowering to fruit ripening is only a month.

And the flesh is delicious and juicy like all the watermelons, and the skin is very thin. «Cossack» refers to drought-tolerant varieties, his giant fruits (14-16 kg) stored for a long time.

«Chieftain» watermelon has a light green color and delicious flesh. Stored in cellar for up to 30 days.

«The big Beijing joy» is matured for 2.5 months, has a fairly large fruit, thin-skinned. This variety is characterized by resistance to diseases and tolerates transportation.

Watermelon varieties «F1 Bonus» has medium-sized fruit with bright red middle. He is very productive and does not hurt.

«Earthling» Matures in 2.5 months. He has a large fruit and peel are durable, so they can be stored up to two months. A feature of this variety is the need for frequent watering.

Special attention is paid to the sort of «Zenit», the timing of maturation of about two months. Its fruits are quite large and can be stored for months. This variety is very resistant to American mildew.

Watermelons are used as a great diuretic and cleansing tool for the body at any age.

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