Growing and caring for currants

the Bush of black currant

Black currant grows in almost every garden, so beloved by many vacationers, in addition, its fruits are very useful for human body.

Due to the fact that this shrub is popular, it is grown not only supporters, but also in industry.

But its leaves, berries and buds are used for medicinal purposes.

Before planting black currant choose a well-lit place in the garden, in the country, but sheltered from the wind. Next, prepare the soil.

On the platform you need to make complex fertilisers in 1Q.meter 60-80g. superphosphate,8kg. of humus and 1,5 l of wood ash and to dig over on a bayonet of a shovel.

If you are going to plant a few shrubs, it is necessary to follow some rules so that they do not interfere with to grow each other.

The distance between them depends on the variety, but normally if the bushes pryaralye, it is approximately 1.2 meters.

For each seedling currants prepared hole to a depth of 35cm. and 40cm. depth. The roots of the plants should be loose and straightened.

After putting currants into the hole, the roots slightly prisypaya soil. Slightly having compacted land, you need a hole to pour a bucket of water.


Burying the roots with soil from above, it is desirable to mulch with sawdust or peat. Upon completion of planting a Bush of black currants must be pruned, leaving 3-4 buds.

This Procedure can be done as early in the spring and autumn, but according to experienced gardeners fall planting is more favorable.

Care for black currants is irrigation, but this moisture-loving culture, so it is recommended to water it, two or three day morning or evening.

With the disadvantages of moisture bushes develop slowly, the berries become small and crumble. Especially need to remember that in a hot, dry summer.

The roots of black currant frozen, after the harvest until late autumn, we need to continue watering plants.

Also, important for the development of this culture is the timely trimming of the branches with the formation of a Bush.

This procedure is carried out in the early spring, when the buds have not swelled. The formation of the Bush passes the first 3-4 years.

After this period, cut only poorly developed, unnecessary escapes and broken. A well formed plant has 10-12 different ages of the branches.

With proper preparation, the harvest will increase and the fruit will become larger. Black currant has its pests and sore.

To try to avoid it, you need to follow the normal rules of farming. Remember that it is not well maintained garden and vegetable garden contribute to the development of various afflictions.

The main enemies of this crop are diseases: powdery mildew, doubleness, and the black lung. Pests: aphid, Bud mite, spider mite and so on.

In the initial stages of infection currants, you can try to trim the infected leaves and shoots, and larvae and collecting pests by hand.

Only in extreme cases, you can resort to using pesticides. It is better to try to deal with the problem traditional methods.

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