Grow evening primrose in the garden

Primula growing

Primula is one of the first flowers that appear on our flower beds in early spring.

It blooms even before the snow melt.

Here the varieties of these plants that usually grow in the middle lane: stemless, malkowska, spring, finely toothed.

If you plant several different varieties of primroses, will admire them from late March until the end of July.

Grow primrose seeds and propagated by cuttings. Seeds planted in autumn or in spring in loose soil.

And after emergence the seedlings are 2 main leaves, they dive. Transfer the plants to a permanent place can only be a year because they bloom on the second or even the third year after planting.

After flowering, Primula growing rapidly and in three or four years, it again need to sit down delinkage or cuttings.

The rhizomes are dug in spring or autumn, divided into several parts with well-developed sockets and put back in the ground.

Some varieties of primroses better to propagate the «heels» — leaf rosettes with rhizomes. Primula winters and survives almost one hundred percent.

The soil for these plants should always be loose, moist and rich in mineral fertilizers. After each wintering the roots should be lightly covered with earth.

As they are often close to the surface. In the early spring and in early August they need to feed complete mineral fertilizer.

A very important role in the process of wintering the plant has the rosette. Therefore, the leaves of the primrose have until frost to keep green.

So they will be under the snow. But at the same time protects the plant from freezing. The Primula can be grown at home in pots.

She stems depending on the variety can be from 10 to 80 cm plant looks very nice everywhere.

So I always leave a few when transplanting the cuttings or Telenkov for planting in pots at home. And always remain happy.

From dried flowers of evening primrose can be cooked in a soothing broth, young leaves some fans allowed in salads in the spring, and the roots, which has a peculiar odour, used as a spice for cooking various dishes.

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