Grow carrots in the open ground

growing carrots

Carrot is a root vegetable that contains many nutrients and minerals.

Carrot juice is used as a dietary product.

With anemia, the first thing you recommend is carrot juice!

There’s a saying – «From carrot more blood!».

Food in carrot contains a large amount of carotene, which the human body turns into vitamin A. But, in smaller doses and quantities of root also contains vitamins: C, B, B2 and PP.

The product is widely used in food, both raw and in boiled and fried. Carrots are known and healing properties.

For example, vitamin a – promotes good and rapid growth. Carrots are very useful for small children.

Vitamin a also promotes good vision, he maintains in a young state of the skin and mucous membrane of the eye. Carrot juice is prescribed for beriberi.

Growing carrots

Carrot is a plant that grows several years, i.e. two years. Influence on the cold season relative.

Carrot seeds usually germinate at a temperature of about 3-4 degrees, and the carrots that have already ascended and can withstand light frosts to -4 degrees.

Carrot seed sowing – small (1 gram, approximately 750-800 pieces), seeds germinate very slowly, grow carrots after planting, where after two weeks.

Care for carrots

Carrot is a plant that loves care. When growing carrots the mandatory weeding, hoeing between rows, weeding (if necessary), frequent watering and fertilizing. Don’t forget about the pesky insects that harm carrots.

In order to destroy soil crust formed many gardeners are accustomed to use hand tools such as: hoes, cats and rakes. To correctly process all the soil, a cat, or a primer thinned with a rake across the rows, between the rows is cultivated by hoe.

In very dense areas, doing thinning, leaving one plant from another at a distance

Growing carrots

a few centimeters.

The following thinning – poryvko carrots produce when the plants start to form leaves, and the diameter of the fruit reaches -1 or 2 cm.

A mandatory distance between the roots for varieties such as Nantes carrots and Vitamin should be a few centimeters, and for those varieties whose conical shape of root – 4-5 inches.

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