Grow calendula in the country for decoration and medicine at the same time

calendula officinalis

Calendula or marigold has a large number of species.

Florets are double and common, large and medium-sized, yellow, orange and brown and yellow-brown-white at the same time.

The plant is very undemanding and grows well during the season.

Blooms calendula officinalis from June to September, and even captures the beginning of October.

Some inflorescences wither away, while others continue to blossom, and comes new buds.

I really love these unpretentious and very beneficial flowers to plant in my garden plot. They are like little suns that decorate the place around garden benches.

Calendula likes a light place in the garden or flower bed, but grows well in shady areas.

It is frost resistant and therefore, in areas with a mild climate may continue to bloom until the end of October, almost until severe frosts.

Grow this plant the best seeds, because it has a fragile stem and when landing can break.


Seeds collected from one year to three years have a good germination and undemanding to the soil.

But it’s better they feel a well-drained, loamy, neutral soil.

To sow the seeds have two seed in one hole and observe the distance between the holes 25 centimeters.

Then, after germination, which usually appear on the tenth day after planting, they do not have to thin.

Water the plant regularly. The earth does not dry up. This largely depends on what sizes will the buds.

Calendula can be sown before winter and you can plant in mid-summer. In these plants the buds get larger and more bright color than in the spring sowing.

Very often, these flowers reproduce by self-seeding. It is good to plant in the flowerbeds, around the benches or veranda in the garden, in perennial borders.

Good to use calendula for cut flowers for bouquets. It is very long standing in water and retains a festive look. The plants smell is not strong, but pleasant.

calendula farming

Especially well in bouquets calendula from the garden or field chamomile. I always collect calendula flowers throughout the flowering season and then dried them.

They can be used as an antiseptic for stomach disorders, colds or flu.

If you have got infection in the gums, gargle with a decoction of calendula and your problem will gradually disappear, and the tooth you can keep.

The same decoction to rinse your hair after shampooing to strengthen and hair growth.

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