Ground cover plants for Sunny and shaded areas

Ground cover plants

Ground cover plants belong to the decorative group undersized in most creeping plants, which are often used to decorate rockeries, creating bright patches on lawns, flower beds and signs of the borders along garden paths.

Sometimes they are called «carpet plants» that is not quite right, because the latter is only used to make the surface dense with beautiful patterns and inscriptions.

The main characteristic groundcover for both Sunny and shaded areas, is the ability to grow rapidly and actively capture new space.

It is, as a rule, do not require special care low-growing plants with height from 15 to 20 cm They are actively growing, drowning out the weeds, and completely covering the surface.

Retain a decorative look throughout the growing season. Not resistant to trampling, and therefore the quality of the lawn at their summer cottage not suitable, but protect the ground from washing out and blowing.

Like all plants some are more adapted to growth in dry and shaded places, others are more like the bright sunlight and soil moisture.

Ground cover plants for Sunny areas

 Sedum – fairly undemanding plant that grows quickly, forming a dense continuous cover. Due to the small leaves and bright yellow color gives the surface a beautiful, decorative appearance.

Cypress spurge is very quickly captures new territory and have time for summer season a few times to change color. Spring, purple, summer, green-yellow, reddish in the fall. Widely used in rockeries and flower beds bounded.

Loosestrife monetary covers the surface of a solid squat cover pretty quickly. Appreciated for being easy makes even badly waterlogged soil.

Mitieva Veronica is a groundcover is the champion of growth among the brethren. Forms a low, dense and solid carpet, looks very beautiful, especially when flowering in early summer.

Ground cover plants for shady areas

 Tiarella Tilia cordata blossom – undemanding plant capable of using root quickly moustache to spread across the surface. Regarded for the ability to strengthen the slopes, protecting the soil from leaching. Winters is quite stable and does not require any maintenance.

Ground cover plants for Sunny and shaded areas

Periwinkle – very quickly mastered the new territories, hardy, evergreen. Some varieties are quite beautiful in bloom, different shades. The flowers can be pestrolistye, Terry.

Saxifraga shadow – like, not much cheese, but moist soil. Maintenance, fast growing, beautiful blooms. Creates on the site a dense carpet of low-growing rosettes, pinned to the ground.

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