Grevillea care at home


The plant of Grevillea belongs to the family «proteaceae» that grow in South Africa and known for its beautiful flowers.

Currently selling in srepok organised in all parts of the world.

The name of the plant was in honor of Charles Greville, one of the founders of the Royal society of botanists in England.

Home Grevillei considered to be the subtropics of Australia, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Guinea, the Islands of Malaysia, but there it reaches the size of a tall tree, although there are creeping varieties of shrubs. There are about 300 species of this plant.

Among them there are those that are used in indoor horticulture for the beautiful leaves that look like ferns.

Leaves and young shoots on its underside are reddish pubescence, through which the plant is called «silk oak».

Flowering Grevillea in such growing conditions difficult to achieve, because flower buds are laid only on high long stems. In the wild it formed a beautiful orange or red brush fragrant blossoms.

The grevillea is not the easiest plant to grow at home. The reason is the impossibility to create perfect conditions needed for it.

This availability: a sufficient amount of sunlight, cool winters, and humid air. If they are not created, the leaves quickly turn yellow and are actively damaged by pests.

Conditions spacious winter gardens and greenhouses allow you to grow a very beautiful specimen. Flexible stems Grevillei like to use florists for beautiful floral arrangements.

They give them special ease and originality. Most often grown varieties «Grevillea powerful» or otherwise Grevillea robusta.

Reproduction of Grevillea possible semilignified cuttings, as well as fresh seeds, which are lightly sprinkled with sand, placing them in a wide container with a soil consisting of a mixture of coniferous and peat land.

The seeds need to cover the glass or package. Ventilate moist soil is necessary twice a day. After the appearance of germ protection is removed.

If you have the opportunity to cut in August, cuttings in the form of shoots with a heel, they have also planted in pots, close the bag and keep at 18÷20°C.

The location of the containers with the plant it is necessary to choose in places with bright ambient light. In the summer it must be protected from direct sunlight. The best place of the West window.

Watering in winter is moderate and depends on the ambient temperature. Waterlogging is unacceptable, but to spray the leaves need to be regularly.

The secret gardeners is the use for irrigation of soft settled water with minimum lime content.

Since the spring is required to produce fertilizer every two weeks fertilizer for indoor plants.

Grevillea grows very quickly and requires the annual spring transplant. Capacity should not be very deep with acidic soil and good drainage.

Special farming techniques in the cultivation of Grevillea is regular pruning of the plants, but this should be done cautiously without disturbing his magnificent form.

Problems of struggle against diseases and pests when growing, following the rules to care for them, no.

To sit in the evening with a Cup of tea next to the elegant leaves similar to ferns, to dream of distant lands and travel, plan future trips will be doubly pleased if to grow a Grevillea in my house.

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