Greenhouse with their hands — interesting ideas

greenhouse with their hands

Greenhouse in the country does not have to be a massive structure, much better if it make a decorative composition which will delight the eye all summer season.

For example, construction you can attach a painted wooden wagon wheel, and the greenhouse «will turn into a fabulous visa.

In addition to design around the «greenhouse-carts» you can break a flower bed, and now our cart is racing around the beautiful fairy glade. This greenhouse will fit perfectly on the plot of country style.

Greenhouse with their hands

A small temporary greenhouse, quickly enough, you can build from scrap materials. In almost any area there is an old window frame and brick (cinder block).

The dimensions of the greenhouse in this case will depend on the frame size. Outlining the basis of brick, note that the inner perimeter should be less than the frame size, that it could be put on top.

Such a greenhouse is convenient because it can be quickly assembled anywhere in the country, and to quickly disassemble and clean for storage until next year.

Unusual, but quite functional greenhouse with their hands can build from plastic bottles. It is quite original structure, which does not require large financial investments.

For the manufacture of small greenhouse you will need about 2000 plastic bottles and a frame of wooden bars of desired size.

Cut off the bottoms and insert the bottle into each other, then send them through a wooden rail and nail it to the frame. Thus, we put together a solid wall of the greenhouse and the door.

If a greenhouse is to do in human growth, in summer it can be used as a stall shower.

Quite an original greenhouse with their hands in the country can make of straw. To be used as insulation, it retains warmth very well.

Straw to be collected in the bales and spread the walls of the greenhouse with the letter «P» so that the front part was on the South

Greenhouse with their hands

side. Gender is also desirable to lay a straw.

Now you can put a wooden frame covered with polyethylene.

As a transparent cover, you can use polycarbonate or another material transmits light.

Now this panic you can make boxes with seedlings. After the plants are planted in open ground, the straw will also be used as mulch in the beds.

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