Greenhouse and polycarbonate greenhouse for garden

greenhouse polycarbonate

The choice between building greenhouses at their summer cottage with their hands and installation of the structure acquired in a specialized company depends on the financial situation of the grower.

But in any case, most of the truckers will make their choice in favor of reliable and durable construction made of polycarbonate.

Outdated materials, such as polyethylene and glass, lose much of modern polycarbonate, and not only for aesthetic reasons, almost every spring you have to change the broken glass and torn plastic.

Over the years, the repair of greenhouses and hotbeds greatly exceed the initial costs in quality construction.

You can buy ready-made greenhouse or a polycarbonate greenhouse in unassembled form. The installation is not difficult, it is to build according to the instructions of the finished parts and installation on a prepared Foundation.

Although this work can be entrusted to professionals. When buying a team of greenhouses there is no need to perform calculations on the strength of the design and necessary materials.

In addition, the probability to buy everything in one place and at low prices is extremely small.

Special attention to verify the quality of the polycarbonate, but in this case, the greenhouse or the greenhouse will last you a long time. Wall thickness must be greater than 4 mm, and weight of a standard sheet 6000 x 2100 mm, not less than 10 kg.

Polycarbonate greenhouses do not need an extremely solid Foundation, so they will fit the base of the sleepers, lumber, brick.

Note that the wooden parts should be treated with preservative to reduce decay and extend service life.

You first need to prepare a well compacted pad, and only after that to put support on the size of the greenhouse and to affix thereto the sleepers or timber.

If the Foundation is of brick or cinder block, then in addition to the site will need to prepare a pillow of concrete, and only after that you can brickwork, bonding with cement mortar.

For the standard design 6h3m., 3-4 rows of bricks enough. Do not forget to provide the Foundation for attachment of the greenhouse frame.

Fans of early vegetables and herbs, care should be taken to a good heated greenhouse, then in March it will be possible to plant the seedlings.

To create comfortable conditions for the plants it is desirable to use together with technical heating biological (compost, manure, humus).

Technical heating can pave the communication from the General system of heating garden, greenhouse or install a furnace.

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