Greenhouse and a greenhouse in the country

greenhouses and greenhouses

Greenhouse is the construction of a protected ground, in addition gardeners gardeners use less than perfect form – a greenhouse.

Greenhouse in the country differs from the greenhouse because when you care for the plants, the person is directly inside, so the greenhouse is convenient and comfortable to operate.

The most simple that can be used by the Amateur gardener in the country temporary shelter.

This building is erected over the beds in spring while sowing seed, and, if necessary, is transferred at any time to another patch.

Fall can be used for growing radishes, broccoli or cauliflower and so on. Temporary shelter can be used in long-term torrential rains and shelter plants from the scorching sun.

Such shelters can be framed and frameless, individual (single plant) or collective.

Greenhouse less than perfect appearance of buildings for growing garden plants. There is limited ability to control environment for vegetables, besides the timing and quality of work are directly dependent on weather conditions.

If you had not many gardeners could afford on your garden to put a greenhouse, now there is such a possibility almost every. And many on building a garden greenhouse with his own hands.

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