Green manure to improve soil fertility

green manure mustard

Cover crops — these are annual plants that are specifically grown to improve the fertile qualities of the soil in the country.

Sown green manure in the garden in the spring before the main growing crops and in the fall after harvest. Green manures: mustard, rye, oats, Lupin and so on.

These plants are grown for the root system. When they grow up, they are cut.

From foliage plants preparing mulch (with their hands), and the roots decompose and makes great humus.

Thanks to this, the soil structure becomes porous, improves the access of oxygen to the roots of the main landings.

But there’s one rule, dig the soil cannot fall or spring.

Each season the green manure needs to be changed, this ensures that the crop rotation, and soil will be provided by various nutrients. And still it is possible to plant green manure related groups with vegetable crops.

In the cultivation of green manure, the beds are treated to a depth of 5-7cm.

The whole principle is as follows. Planted in the vegetable garden cover crops in the spring, raised the tops cut off (the mulch), made shallow testing of the soil, sowed vegetables, summer or autumn harvested and sowed a different kind of winter crops, cover crops such as rye. Green manure in the spring to cut for 2 weeks before planting.

Before planting the seedlings, cover crops can be cut. For some time, until the seedlings take root, they must grow together.

Night cover cropswill protect the fresh planting from the cold, and the day from the sun and wind.

It is seen that with cover crops, the productivity of horticultural crops is increasing.

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