Gray mold — control measures

Gray mold

The causative agent of gray mold is the fungus «Botrytis».

This infection can spread by air currents and contact with infected fruits.

Water sprays can also be carriers of the disease.

The disease can infect many cultural plants in the country.

For example, is very susceptible to infection Botrytis beans, radishes, onions, beets and cabbage. Cucumbers and tomatoes are also included in this group.

For Botrytis comfortable conditions are rainy and cool in the summer. In such seasons there are cases of complete destruction of the strawberry crop.

Paradoxically, the fungus «Botrytis» is used in the production of Tokaj wine. The fungus gives a special and unique flavor of the wine.

Symptoms of infection manifest themselves on the plants in the form of brown spots, which increase with great speed. These spots can appear on the shoots and in the letter.

If the humidity is increased, the affected areas soon enough spores and covered with fluffy mycelium.

The wind easily carries the spores to neighboring leaves and plants. The fungus «Botrytis» is omnivorous and does not shun any cultures.

Gray mold plants — control measures

In the prevention of plant infection of Botrytis in the greenhouse plants should be planted at a sufficient distance to spores from infected plants do not fall on adjacent.

Greenhouses and greenhouses should be aired and when watering try to water falling on the leaves and stem.

You must ensure that plants do not get fertilizer with a high concentration of nitrogen. Because the leaves become soft and susceptible to any infection.

The treatment plant should be careful, the leaves should be carefully removed and this greatly reduces the chances of Botrytis.

Damaged leaves and shoots must be removed only in dry weather. After that, they need to be destroyed, and then the sources of contamination will not.

To deal with Botrytis. To combat it you can use special drugs Cyprostat, Topaz, champion and an Oxide or spray the plants with Bordeaux liquid.

Gray mold - control measures

For the appearance on the leaves brown spots, you can use copper-containing drugs both contact and combined action.

Rainy and cool in the summer should pay more attention to the leaves of plants you planted.

More often ventilate the greenhouse properly and to carry out watering of cultivated plants.

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