Grapes for Ukraine

Grapes for Ukraine

Perhaps every gardener wants to enjoy the beauty of grape seed, high yield and of course to enjoy a pleasant taste.

To get a good crop of grapes, you first need to correctly choose a grade.

Next we will talk about what varieties of grapes to Ukraine the best.

Grade «Timur». The vegetation period is small, no more than 115 days, grapes are ranked as table varieties. The value of the growth medium, but the brush are highlighted in a large amount, whose weight may exceed 600 grams.

The berries are oval, have a white color. Weight one berry 6-8 gr. The flesh is juicy, crisp, muscatel flavor, very sweet.

A distinctive Variety samostiynosti and quietly takes the cold down to -25°C. the Grapes are resilient against mildew, but susceptible to oidium. In the Ukrainian region is considered the most well-known variety.

Sort Of «Original». Successfully grown throughout the country. Is table grade, medium -, about 135 days. The volume brush large, weighing an average of half a kilogram. The density of the medium. Form berries ovate, the edge is slightly pointed.

The color is mainly white, but with solar side is painted in pink color. The taste is pleasant. Although the peel is tough, it opens up the opportunity for good transportation.

In the process of formation of Bush shoots are pruned to 12 buds. The variety has resistance to major diseases. Recommended fertilizer application.

Grade «Lowland». The vegetation period lasts about 125 days. The middle-grade. The ripening period of the grapes to Ukraine, in particular the Northern part of it falls in early fall.

The variety has large clusters, with an average weight of about 700 grams. Although some of them can grow up to 1.5 kg. the weight of the grapes about 15 grams. Form rounded.

Colour red with a purple hue. Pleasant taste, juicy pulp, sugar is 18%. Protection against common diseases is at a medium level.

Grade «Sofia». Was obtained by crossing Raisins and Arcadia. Table variety, maturing in 115 days. The grapes are growing strongly, on the lash big brush.

Length grape within 3.5 cm, width 2 cm, more ruddy Color, shape oval. The biggest berry has just a few seeds, juicy, with Muscat aroma. Resistant to mildew and oidium. Withstands temperatures of up to -21°C.

«Pearl Saba». Middle-table grade. The berries are oval, not large, yellowish. Great taste with a typical Muscat aroma.

Unfortunately, some grapes for Ukraine should not keep long on the vine because of lost taste and presentation becomes attractive.

One of these varieties can be called just Pearl Saba. But this grape is resistant to frost and can withstand up to -20°C.

Grapes for Ukraine

Grade «Moldova». The clusters are not allocated to a large size, usually from 300g. up to 1kg Found the looseness of the bunches, but most of the distribution density of the berries is medium.

Length berries about 2.2 cm, width 2 cm, oval, color dark purple, virtually black. The skin on the berry crisp.

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