Grapes for the suburbs

Grapes for the suburbs

Despite the fact that the grapes have always been considered southern, thermophilic plants, today it can be grown even in the Northern regions of Russia.

Interestingly, inexperienced gardeners prilovchilis not even covering plant varieties.

The reason for this is their hardiness, minimal maintenance and a good harvest. So, what grape varieties for the suburbs are better?

Sort Of «Shun». Mainly cold-resistant. Bunches of grapes painted in a light red or maroon color. One berry can weigh 6-7 grams, rounded shape. Bunches weighing up to a pound.

Taste sweet, pleasant. Maturation occurs in late summer. Resistant to major diseases.

Sort Of «Hope Aksai». Taste qualities similar to the sort of Arcadia, but unlike the latter, ripening relatively early. You can grow without a greenhouse. Bunches are of a great size. Appearance is good. The vine before the cold manages to ripen well. The main crop accounts for the end of summer. A bunch of bulky, weighing up to 1.2 kg, some can weigh up to 2 kg. of Grapes weighing from 8 to 12 gr. Sugar to 18 %. Has a light hint of nutmeg. Average resistance to the main diseases. Calmly tolerate cold up to -24°C.


Grade «a finding of the EPA». Hybrid varieties are a Delight. The harvest of the main crop in late August. The berry is medium size or big, has a firm rind that is an advantage, wasps definitely will not be beat. Bunch weighs up to half a kilogram, on the vine can stay a relatively long time.

The color of the berries is yellow with a green hue. The taste of regular. In the same berry more than a couple of seeds. The variety is stable to various diseases, particularly leaf rollers, mildew and Botrytis.

The Variety «Victoria». Stable to disease, high yielding with an unusual taste. The conical shape of the brush. Aging vine good, and can be harvested in late August in large volume. The berries are oval, weighing up to 7.5 gr. the color is red. The flavor is delicate, in the period of full ripening is dominated by the flavor of nutmeg. Sugar is about 19%. Brush large. High resistance to frost.

Sort Of «Phenomenon». A variation of this grape variety for the suburbs has a high yield and excellent taste. Bunch conical shape is marketable. Ripening falls on the last month of summer. Brush bulk in 1 kg Berry weighs 6-7 oz. Frost resistance to -23°C.

The variety «Muscat of summer». Stands out early maturity and excellent taste. Table variety. The vine ripens benign that speaks of winter-hardiness. The period of full maturation is an average of 120 days. The average density, the mass of the clusters up to 700 gr. some specimens weighing up to 1 kg. the color of the berries of Golden-white, flavor with a bouquet of Muscat. Sugar is about 20 %. Resistant to frost.

Grapes for the suburbs

Sort «Kishmish white«. The berries are small, juicy, sweet, used for making raisins. Can be added to pies. A bunch of slightly elongated, up to 200 gr. The ripening period in August-early September.

Variety «Lydia». The taste of the grapes for the suburbs is very good, making it ideal for growing in cold regions. The maturation medium. The berries are rounded. Dark red color with slight light purple tinge. The yield is high.

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