Grape variety: features and benefits for the Amateur gardener

sortie grapes

In the world there are about 5000 varieties of grapes.

But on the territory of the Russian Federation the practice of growing only 200 of them.

I want to share my opinion about some of the varieties that are cultivated and grown myself, and which I learned from friends at their summer cottage.

To frost resistant varieties include: «Isabella», «Belarusian pink», «Talisman».

These plants are unpretentious to the soil and with good care give a fine crop.

«Belarusian pink» is pink, large sweet berries and very large bunches.

Ripens in the hot summer until mid-August – early September, tolerates cold, even -30 degrees, if his cover is coniferous paws. Not too demanding to moisture.

«Talisman» — the grapes are green, too, with large sweet fruit and large clusters. He moves under the cover temperatures down to -25 degrees. And, as well as «Belarusian» grapes, resistant to diseases.

Advertising grape «Isabella», probably not worth it, because almost all gardeners grow it for its suburban areas.

The taste of it specific, but fragrant cordials and compotes make great. You can harvest the juice «Isabella» for the winter – it is very useful for children and the elderly in particular.

Few more capricious variety to grow «Pearl Saba». He’s white, likes a light soil and dislikes a lot of moisture.

In the rainy summer the berries can crack and sometimes even rot. So it should be planted only in open Sunny area and in those regions where rainfall is rare.

«Pearl Saba» is an early variety and ripens in early August. Positive that it is very resistant to frost and rarely sick. For gardeners in arid regions, this variety is a godsend!

For a good harvest is necessary not only spring and summer, but autumn care of grapes in Russia, as in our country, this crop needs special attention.

For fans of the black grapes in these regions can offer an interesting hybrid of «early Magarach».

It is really an early variety that Matures after the grapes «Pearl Saba», that is, from mid-August. The berries have a large and oval.

The taste of this grape resembles a cherry in chocolate. It is not very resistant to frost, but it grows quickly even from damaged root and restored.

Tolerate our Russian frosts and other table grapes

sortie grapes

grapes – Delight (white) and «Fatherland» (black).

They are not very resistant to diseases, but with proper planting and good care give a bountiful harvest. And of course, any variety of grapes is very healthy and tasty liqueur.

Here is my special recipe for fans of: squeeze juice from the berries, mix with sugar in the ratio of one to one and put in a cool place for a week.

Then strain the juice through cheesecloth, pour into glass bottles in the ratio of 450 ml of juice and 25ml of vodka.

Bottle, close the screw-caps are not to stop, to allow air to exit the container. And again let stand in a cool place.

After a month, screw the lid tightly. Infusion will be ready in 3-4 months before use.

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