Grape varieties for Siberia

Grape varieties for Siberia

An interesting fact is that grapes are considered to the same extent a versatile plant that it can be successfully grown in nearly all regions of Russia.

Perhaps the main factor is the correct choice is the period of ripening, which must be very early or early.

Here are some grape varieties for Siberia, the successful cultivation of which is guaranteed with proper management.

A Grade Of «Harold». Maturation begins in mid-summer. Brushes have a great weight from 700 grams. and above. Berries 6-7 oz., form oval color white. In the taste a hint of nutmeg.

Bunch can for a long time kept on the vine. Maturing shoots early, which is a guarantee of harvest 80% in the coming year.

Not afraid of major diseases. Withstanding temperatures down to — 25°C. sporulation abundant. Difficulties in farming is not, as no weaknesses.

The sort of «White miracle». Great for growing in Siberia. Although growers in the southern regions, too, appreciate this variety. Ripening early, in early August. Bunch weight may exceed 1.5 kg.

The brush is beautiful, large berry, with proper care may have a weight up to 15 gr. Color white, round shape. The taste is refreshing and pleasant. The aging of the vines is excellent. Differs high stability to diseases.

Cold resistance to-25°C. There are flaws that are low in transportability, as well as the fragile vines.

Sort «Kishmish 342». When you select this grape variety for Siberia need to know that its bushes are vigorous. Matures early, the berries do not have seeds. Bunches mainly weigh from 500 to 700 gr. The conical shape of the brush.

Berries are not large, only about 3 oz., Golden-white color. The sugar content is very high. The flavor is delicate. Productivity every year. Resistant to mildew.

Sort Of «The Beauty Of Nikopol». Maturation among the first varieties. The clusters are massive, weighing 1.5 kg. presentation. Pleasant taste, the color of the berries dark purple, form oval, weight about 7 gr.

Resilience is a powerful spring the formation of a large number of inflorescences. It is best to leave the escape on the same inflorescence. The aging of the vines is excellent. The high annual yield.

The variety is stable to the main diseases, but defeat by powdery mildew are moderate, and therefore need treatment with fungicides 2-3 times. Freezeproof down to -22°C.

A Grade Of «Laura». The efficiency of growing taller in virtually all regions of Russia. The big drawback is the lack of this variety in the garden growers. Ripening in August.

Grape varieties for Siberia

Brush usually large, less than 1 kg are almost there. The view is very spectacular. Berries are large, up to 10 gr., color milk-white, delicate taste.

The sugar content of 23%. With proper farming techniques the mass of clusters can exceed 3 kg, the weight of berries up to 15 gr. You want variety-pollinator. Inflorescences need to leave one at the bottom of the escape. Without the inflorescence to leave every 4 escape.

A very promising grape varieties for Siberia «Rochefort», the fruits of which weigh half a kilo.

«Transformation» is an early variety, hand weigh on average 1.5 kg. «Superextra» different frost, and the weight of each cluster can exceed 1 kg.

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