Grape varieties, description of table, seedless, universal types

Sortie grapes - Merlot

This member of the family hanging plant known since ancient times.

Despite the fact that grapes is one of the fruit bushes, in agriculture, its cultivation determine, as a separate industry, making the plant special.

Characteristics of the culture studied deep enough, and even created a whole science.

But with the number of species of grapes so far, scientists can not decide, calling numbers from 32 to 70.

Arguing about what a subspecies is considered a progenitor of the modern varieties of cultivated plants, giving preference to European.

But this is not so important – grape without this firmly gained popularity among people, and among consumers.

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Classification of varieties

 The grape varieties generally include more than 8 thousand titles, which are divided according to this principle:

  • canteens, which are used as dessert;
  • technical – they are used for the manufacture of wine;
  • universal used for food and beverage production;
  • raisins, then eat raisin varieties.

In addition, all the grapes are divided into groups according to the vegetation period. When selecting varieties for planting this classification should be considered mandatory – not all of them can settle down in a particular region.

  • In the southern regions pay more attention to the external decorative fruit and economic benefits of culture, as well as resistance to phylloxera.
  • When planting culture in the Central regions of the country precluded the selection of late varieties and some mid-season. But the requirement for resistance to phylloxera is less relevant here.
  • For the Northern regions will only fit extra-early and early varieties of grapes. The problems with phylloxera in this case does not matter.

So, going to plant on the plot of this culture, the choice of varieties is carried out on set of features.

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List of popular grape varieties

Of course, it is difficult to describe all existing in nature varieties of this crop. Below are given characteristics of some representatives of viticulture, are a success.

Table grapes

  • «Agat Donskoy» refers to the early grades. It is characterized by good fruiting and high tasting quality. Great root, is hardy and does not require additional shelter for the winter. But it has average portability.
  • «Atlant» can be called a shrub with a maximum coefficient of fruiting. Gives a fairly large bunches of fruit with a greenish-white color, which possess harmonious taste. The term maturation of medium-grade, and therefore average winter hardiness.
  • The «Vavilov» is recommended only for the southern regions, but has excellent characteristics. Large branched clusters can weigh 0.7 kg each, while giving a tender juicy oval berries are red-purple colors that are resistant to cracking and rot. Has a good transportability, so that it can be safely attributed to the trading varieties.

 Technical grade

  • «Aliquot» refers to early and gives high yields. Greenish-gold berries linked in dense bunches medium, cylindrical shape.
  • «White Muscat» is valued for its special taste derived from the fruit juices and fine wines. Wax-yellow round berries clustered in dense bunches average. The vegetation period average, but the variety is very heat-loving.
  • «Cabernet Sauvignon» belongs to the group of late, but tolerates frost. Small bluish-black berries form a loose brush. Bush gives the average yield, but the fruits have a unique aroma and taste.
  • Despite the fact that «white Feteasca» of the group very early, frost resistance of the Bush relative, therefore, for the Northern regions is not suitable. Pale green berries form a fine bunch, and the Bush was covered in them completely, so that the productivity is high.

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 Universal grape variety

  • «Chasselas white» rather early variety. Belongs to the most ancient and popular. Despite this, it has a weak resistance to disease and cold. But prized for high and stable yield, good transportability and the ability to survive in cool conditions for up to 3 months. Tasting characteristics grade high thanks to the gentle, harmonious taste melt in your mouth fruit.
  • «Nutmeg year» Matures in 120 days. The berries grow quickly, forming a cluster of conical shape weighing up to 0.5 kg. Can you hang long on the vine without losing its qualities. The fruit flesh amber-white color, has a pleasant nutmeg flavor.
  • «Lydia» — middle-grade with relative frost, but in southern regions does not need the winter pack. Oval-round berries pink-purple color are slimy, but juicy pulp, with a specific taste. They can long persist on the Bush, have a high storability and transportability. Because of the external properties of the sort often used in the decorative design of the site.

 Varieties seedless (Sultana)

  • «Raisins Zaporozhye» — an early variety and quite hardy. Gives a high yield conically-large bunches with a mass of 0.9 kg of a rich meaty flesh has a pleasant harmonious taste. Whip vines are prone to overload with fruit, so rationing is necessary to. Sortie grapes - raisins
  • «Sultana Novocherkassk» — medium-grade. Yielding vine produces medium, but the fresh berries have a high tasting assessment of properties. At moderate acidity fruits have good sugar content. Often this variety is used as rootstock.

All grapes are valued for the biological value of culture. Therefore it is necessary to plant the crop on his land.

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