Graft cherries in the summer

Graft cherries

To get a good crop of cherries, it is better to propagate by grafting.

And the most common way is budding «eye» shoots.

Inoculation of cherry kidney

Kidney vaccination is carried out during active movement of juices in plants.

So for budding cherry blossoms the best time is mid-July. Although use this method of reproduction and early summer, and in the spring.

Rootstock prepared for the procedure in advance, liberally basting it several days in a row. All the lower side shoots should be cut to a height of 15 cm from the surface of the earth.

The same pre-harvest stalk is not desirable – better to do it immediately before inoculation. With it and remove the leaves.

Okulirovannyh knife carefully cut out the stalk Bud together with Bush’s crust (a plate). To instill the «eye» is recommended by budding in the butt.

On the rootstock at the site of inoculation cherries cut a piece of bark the size of the flap, placed close to the slice.

Below the shield a better hold, the bark on the rootstock should be cut so that the bottom is small (to 1 cm) the «tongue», in which are inserted the chips in its lower part. So that «eye» buds above the «tongue», and the flap completely covered the cut.

For reliability, splicing of the budding need tight tie, for example, a polyethylene film superimposed on her harness.

This should be done carefully to avoid damaging the eye. To avoid infection the entire harness (along with the «point») obscure garden pitch.

At the end of the month the harness can be removed. This procedure of inoculation in any case be sure to replicate even one kidney, securing the flap with her a little above the first.

The following year, in the spring, before Bud, rootstock above the flap cut.

Leave only a small spike (15 cm), which bind further formed «eye» escape – a kind of guide for vertical development.

Other types of vaccinations cherry

In addition to the budding cherry can instill in other ways:Grafting the bark of cherries. Here with 2 sides on the cut stem of the rootstock, make a cut of bark 3 cm, respectively, for 2 cuttings stripped

graft cherries

wedge-shaped ends.

The dimensions of the cutting pick up so that he towered over the cut of the rootstock 2 cm In this case vaccination should be 1-2 buds.

Grafting cherry vasep. The trunk of the rootstock to break down, and in this slit to insert 1-2 cuttings, also split the bottom end.

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