Gloriosa — care at home


Gloriosa – pleasing to the eye the tender plant-vine of the family melentyevich.

This is a tuberous plant that has creeping stems and elongated, oppositely disposed shiny bright green leaves, the ends of which are tendrils, which the vine clings to a support.

On long peduncles appear a bright color, usually a yellowish-red or yellowish-pink flowers that resemble flames.

In the indoor horticulture they grow a few varieties of these flowers, care for them in a similar way.

Growing Gloriosa

 Location and lighting

For good growth of Gloriosa requires intense lighting, it is better to keep it on the East or West Windows.

When placed on the South side of the flower pritenyayut from direct sunlight. In the summer it can be kept on the balcony. It is impossible to prevent drafts.


In spring and summer, maintain a temperature of 20-25°C. in Winter, the Gloriosa need a dormant period, the tubers thus keeping the pot at a temperature of about 12°C.

In the spring, after the appearance of the young shoots, the temperature was raised. However, sudden temperature changes, the plant does not like.

Watering and humidity

During the active growing season, watering should be abundant, as the drying of the topsoil watering soft water pooled.

Overdrying earthen clod, the plant does not tolerate. When autumn leaves begin to turn yellow, reduce watering during dormancy is stopped completely.

Humidity should be high, so the pot is better to put on a tray with wet expanded clay. Can also be sprayed every day, but during flowering do this carefully so the water does not fall on the flowers.


Need fertilizing during active growth and flowering. Twice a month in the soil making mineral and organic fertilizers.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant the Gloriosa every spring. To do this, select the shallow and wide ceramic pot on the bottom of which lay the drainage.

Use bold, rich soil consisting of 2 parts humus and 1 part leaf soil, add sand or peat.

The reproduction is mainly performed by means of tubers. In the spring when transplanting the old tubers, they need to be cut into several pieces, sprinkle a slice of powdered charcoal and planted in small pots. The temperature should be 22-24°C. Watering only after crop emergence.

When propagating by seed, the plant develops more slowly, in addition, they need to pollinate. After receiving the seeds, they are sown in the ground, cover it with glass, and keep it warm until sprouts appear.

Pests and fight with them

The Gloriosa can appear aphids or scale insects. To get rid of them, vines are treated with special insecticides.

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