Gipoestes — care at home


Gipoestes – beautiful indoor plant family of acanthus, native to the tropics are South Africa and Madagascar.

This low plant usually has the form of a branching shrub, smooth, sometimes toothed on the edges the leaves, ovate in shape and are arranged oppositely.

Distinctive feature is its leaves: green background are randomly located spots in different shades (from white to red). The flowers have the shape of a semiumbels on each bract is usually from 1 to 3 flowers.

Growing gipoestes

 Location and lighting

For optimal bright, but diffused light. If too intense sun exposure and direct sunlight can cause burns on the leaves in the form of brown spots.

If lighting is insufficient, the shoots much elongated, and the leaves the spots turn pale. Invalid drafts, which can cause leaf drop. In the winter, usually requires additional coverage that is provided by using fluorescent lights.


Summer gipoestes feels good at a temperature of 22-25°C. in the autumn it is reduced and support is approximately 17°C below desirable. Inadmissible fluctuations in temperature.

Watering and humidity

In the spring and summer watered abundantly, avoiding drying of the soil because lack of moisture may defoliation. Beginning in the fall, watering should be reduced during this period, the top layer of soil needs time to dry.

One of the conditions for good growth – high humidity. To ensure the leaves are often sprayed or washed with soft water.

It is also helpful to put the pot in a container with moist moss or expanded clay, but the pot did not get to the water.


Feeding essential plant from March to mid-autumn. Fertilizers are applied on a monthly basis, using containing potassium stores.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant carried out annually in the spring. For this purpose, the substrate, consisting of 2 parts ground sheet and 1 part humus, sand and peat.

Favourable for the plants soil with a pH of 5-6. In the jar at the bottom put drainage. That the plant is well scrub, annually pinch.

Gipoestes propagated by seeds and cuttings. Seeds planted in the ground in March. They sprinkle a little earth covered with glass and maintain a temperature in the range 13-18°C, the need for frequent airing. In 3-4 months the seedlings reach the size of adult plants.

Propagated by cuttings throughout the year. They cut and root in water, adding charcoal, or in the ground, covered jar and holding at a temperature of 22-24°C.

Pests and fight with them

This plant is rarely attacked by pests. However, sometimes it hit the aphids or whiteflies. To destroy them, using special insecticides.

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