Gerbera room – care of the flower

Gerbera room – care of the flower

Gerbera is considered a perennial. He has short shoots and basal leaves elongated.

Flower begins to bloom in early spring. The plant was imported from Africa where it grew in natural conditions.

Where the climate is changeable, the flowers have adapted to grow gerbera in greenhouse.

Also the flower can be kept in the greenhouse or home. Gerbera species there are about seventy.

Gerbera room – home care

Gerbera room gives off heat, and good illumination, in favorable conditions, it will bloom even in winter.

The plant needs to provide a place where at least half of the day at a flower exposed to sunlight. If there is not enough light, the stems will stretch.

Also to flowering was lush need to provide the right temperature which should be between 20 to 24 degrees.

But flowering gerbera room, you can continue in the winter. For this you need to maintain the same perfect temperature.

The plant goes into a rest and stops flowering if watering becomes limited, and the temperature drops to 12 degrees.

Flowers after flowering, to remove, as it significantly slows the growth of new stems.

You should also know that flowers should be cut with a knife. They simply break down. This is done in order to prevent further rotting of the stems to protect the plant from rot.


Gerbera room is very tender plant, so its root system can affect the fungus. To avoid this you need to eliminate excessive watering.

Water plants need heat with water (20 degrees). Summer is also not recommended to water cool water as it may lead to death of the whole plant. Gerbera loves spraying the leaves.

Feeding gerbera

The plant will be healthy and strong if it is constantly fed with mineral fertilizers. For abundant bloom, apply fertilizer with an increased amount of calcium and potassium.

Gerbera room may be affected by chlorosis. To avoid this, the plant is fertilized with a nutrient solution with added iron.

Transplant gerbera

Transplanted plants in early spring. In soil basis not to mix fresh manure or compost. Trim the flower is not needed.

Gerbera room – care of the flower


Potted gerbera is propagated by cuttings or division of a Bush. You can certainly and seeds, but it is quite a complex method.

A method of dividing a hive is used in plants that 4-5 years, each part should be left at least 3 points of growth.

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