Geptapleurum — care at home


Geptapleurum – South plant belongs to the genus of Araliaceae, is a great oval, pointed at the ends of the leaves.

It blooms white panicles, but at room content of flowering is not always possible to achieve.

Overall, very unpretentious.

Growing heptapleurum

 Location and lighting

The best place to keep a well – lit room, near a window, but with shading in hot Sunny days.

Variegated types require more light than plants with green leaves, otherwise they lose their beautiful color.

The flower should be in a room with good air circulation, but not in the draft, otherwise you may fall off the leaves.


The optimum temperature for the geptapleurum – moderate, about +20-23°C in summer and below in winter (but not less than +17°C).

Watering and humidity

In the summer watering should be abundant, however, waterlogged soil is also impossible that between waterings the soil give a little to dry. In winter, water less often and in moderation.

Dry air is contraindicated this plant, this dries and the leaves fall, growth slows. It is therefore important to conduct regular spraying, and wipe them with a damp sponge.


For good growth and flowering requires feeding. For this purpose, alternating mineral and organic fertilizers. Feed from spring to autumn twice a month in the winter, feeding is stopped.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant is required annually in the spring. Large plants can’t be transplanted, and only change the top layer of the substrate.

The ground for this can be purchased at a specialty store or make from a mixture of peat, turf, leaf, humus soil and river sand (all components take equally).

Geptapleurum propagated by stem cuttings. For this they cut off the tops of the plants and planted in a mixture of peat and sand.

First time in the premises maintain a high temperature and humidity, do not allow the passage of a large amount of sun.

Another method of propagation is through seeds. Sow them in warm loose soil, and the first time also support in the room high temperature and humidity. When shoots appear, they are seated in small pots.

Pests and fight with them

Insects such as aphids, red spider mite, mealybug, can appear on leaves in violation of the rules of care: too dry air or excessive watering. If you have discovered pests, get rid of them with insecticides.

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