Georginia — care at home


Ornamental deciduous plant of the family of amaranth.

Form: evergreen shrubs that grow almost exclusively in the subtropical zone of Australia.

Thin branches, leaves 2 to 5 cm in length, oval, in some species the apex slightly acuminate, green, sometimes there are species with white margins on the leaves.

Inflorescences in deerheni spicate, the flowers are greenish or white. The fruit of this rare plant decorative red berries.

The difficulty of cultivation is low, but needs regular grooming, otherwise the plant will not flower and therefore fruit.

Deeline in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Grows best in the Northern Windows, can grow in light, partial shade.


The plant is undemanding and can tolerate even large changes in temperature, but to georginia at home well bloomed and the more fruited in the winter, the desired temperature is about 15 degrees.

Watering and humidityWatering deerheni should be regular and uniform in amount, both in summer and in spring, in winter the same amount of water will need to reduce.

It is advisable to spray in hot weather, but not during the very heat, and early morning or evening you can prepare a special solution to spray on that below.

Soil and fertilizerthe Desired soil: zemlesmes of turf, leaf and peat land with the sand. The soil in the pot should be periodically loosened, preferably before watering.

Special fertilizer georginia at home does not require, but need to feed in the summer and spring in order that would not have any symptoms of nutrient deficiencies (blanching of the leaves, poor flowering).

Transplantation and propagation

Propagation by cuttings, which very quickly take root in the ground. Transplant georginio need every 2 years in spring or summer.

For the transplant you need to prepare a special zemlesmes: sod land, 2 parts; sand, peat and leaf soil, 1 part, and then bury the stem half in the ground and watered.

Deerheni pests and fight with them

The plant – amazing! but, no pests, unless of course regularly to care for it, if so obtained, for example, you went long, or some other reason, the plant can wind up unpleasant disease-pest.

First, the plant appear bright yellow spots, if you did not notice, you can start a worm that first will start to make holes in the leaves, and then slowly will move to the trunk, and then to the root.

So – if in time you notice yellow spots, rather then run to the drugstore for the usual iodine.

The solution is prepared as follows: 2 drops of iodine in a tablespoon water, it all poured directly under the root. This procedure is repeated until then, until the plant starts to acquire the normal and healthy appearance. Also, this solution can be used for spraying.

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