Geese Linda’s description of the breed and breeding conditions

Geese Linda

One of the most popular breeds of poultry are geese breed Linda, which refers to the meat of the variety has excellent early-maturing qualities.

Linda, the breed appeared as a result of crossing of Nizhny Novgorod and Chinese geese grown on the territory of Russia.

Description rock «Linda»

So, geese Linda practically have no faults, because they calm nature. They never pluck the young, do not make trouble with each other.

But the disadvantage is the loud noise near the waterhole, so if there are many birds, the noise may even get a headache. But these signs say that the birds are healthy.

They are for short time gain weight body type have a great. The torso is elongated, and the frontal part has a lump. An adult may weigh up to 12 kg.

As for the Chicks, they are already in the age of three months have weight up to 4 kg and are resilient. Out of the pack case is not more than 2% of the population. A positive factor is that even in adulthood geese continue to grow.

Geese Linda for the season bring up to fifty eggs. Goose start to lay eggs the first year and yearly increases fertility. If you plan on hatching eggs, geese must be isolated. You should also exclude walking.

Growing conditions geese

The highest performance can be achieved if the geese Linda daily walk. Walks have a positive effect on metabolism, so birds will be more often and in greater numbers to consume food that in turn will lead to rapid growth.

As for the light regime, from round-the-clock lighting may be omitted to save power. It will not harm the birds. The lighting throughout the time of the day you only need the first 10 days, after that time reduced to 14 hours.

Upon reaching the age of 30-50 birds days birds may behave unnaturally as they begin to grow feathers.

At this time, to exclude disturbing factors, noise and sudden movements from side fancier. It is best to periodically feed the geese with his hands and to call them to him that they weren’t nervous. Also these days it is not necessary to move in the house, or add new equipment.

Linda geese eat good feed. According to some farmers obtained from the carcass meat yield is approximately 80%. Perhaps this is the main factor for this popularity.

For Chicks you need to buy broiler feed so they quickly got to feet and began to gain weight. From the first day up to 14 days use the «starter».

You can then feed feed «Grower», his Linda geese eat up to 28 days. After that, until 45 days enter food «finisher».

Goslings to 45-day age it is impossible to walk because they have not had time to fully Mature. It is important that the diet was at least 14% protein supplements that feed up to 120 days.

Geese Linda's description of the breed

During this period, feed the goslings well as pasture. For example, herbal Primus shall be 1.5% of the total amount of daily food.

Additionally you need to give vitamins. As this breed is very voracious, geese must eat well. Limitations in food are not acceptable.

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