Gazebo for garden

gazebo for garden

Soviet dacha for the people of that generation was associated exclusively with the cultivation of the crop.

Modern gardeners in most of the cases combine business with pleasure.

In our time, a country station, it’s a house, lawn, sauna, BBQ and, of course, design to rest.

The gazebo at the cottage, this area where on summer evenings you can gather the whole family and enjoy a Cup of garden tea with currants, raspberries.

A gazebo is usually located at some distance from the house in the shady garden surrounded by fruit trees.

This is a relatively simple structure can be made of wood, plastic less popular arbors for the garden, metal and stone.

Although they all have a right to exist, besides, some craftsmen erected buildings out of any available materials (sticks, empty bottles, cans).

After selecting the material for construction and place, you need to determine the size and draw a diagram of the future building.

Well, if it is combined with the overall design of all structures on the property. Provide direct, if necessary, the possibility of placing the grill or barbecue.


Also keep in mind when designing the opportunity

gazebo for garden

free passage, it will greatly facilitate construction.

Depending on the length of stay in the suburban area gazebo for the garden can be open (time), and closed (constant).

The «life expectancy» of a building depends not only on material but also from the Foundation. The type of Foundation depends on the soil and groundwater level.

On sandy or rocky soil, provided that the ground water table is at a depth of 2m, depth of the Foundation may be about 0.6 m.

Otherwise it is better to resort to professional help. But in any case, as the structure is relatively light, it is best suitable as Foundation pillars.

gazebo for garden

Clear the construction site from plant, better fertile soil to remove completely, about half a bayonet spade (10cm).

Then dig around the perimeter of the pit 200x200mm and a depth of 60-70cm under the posts. The distance between the posts preferably does not exceed 1m.

That is, for square 2h2m, should be 9 columns and for pergolas 3h3m — 16 supports.

Can also be used as supports of thick-walled metal pipe. In a prepared pit pour gravel to a height of about 5cm Lower processed tar 100x100mm beams.

gazebo for garden

They should be above the ground surface to the desired height.

Between the timber and soil lay in a sheet of roofing material, after which the pit can be filled with concrete. After 3-4 days you can start building.

In the construction of gazebos for the garden from wood, be sure to treat all the material with antiseptic.

It will protect your building from rotting, fungi education and so on. The area around the building can be decorated with lawn, flower beds and shrubs.

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