Gaylardiya perennial — planting and care

Years Gaylardiya

You can sometimes see on the beds amazingly beautiful flower, resembling a Daisy.

Just the colors he’s another yellow-bright red inflorescence make Gailardia like a small sun.

It is a perennial plant that is low maintenance and grows on almost any land (but grows best on neutral soils).

In addition to the flower beds to plant seeds on balconies and in flower pots. The main thing is to provide Gilardi years a large amount of sunlight.

Gaylardiya multi — fit

 Years Gaylardiya well propagated by sowing seeds directly into open ground (in contrast to annual members of the genus, are propagated by seedlings).

The sowing period for this flower long – Gaillardia perennial can be sown throughout the summer (from early June to late September).

The fruit will not keep itself waiting long. That’s just in the first year, these will be small plants, which on average will be about 10 leaves.

A real beauty Gaylardiya will become the following year after planting and will take the form of a small Bush with beautiful blossoms. In one place, the flower can grow for many years, gradually self-propagating.

But can be propagated Gilardi and artificial way: by means of the division of adult Bush, or rooting its cuttings.

Gaylardiya long — term- care

Special care flower does not need. He is able to endure all kinds of weather, and drought, and a rainy drizzle. Watering the plant should be moderately. But excessive moisture can lead to the defeat of Gailardia rot.

It is therefore desirable to place under a bed was allocated on a Sunny hill, where is sufficient ventilation of the area. Tolerates the flower and frost.

Therefore, special shelters are not necessary. Although, if you are expecting a harsh winter, better flower garden sprinkled with fallen leaves or pine needles (if she has).

In a special fertilizing the plant does not need. But experienced growers know that if I add fertilizer, inflorescence

Years Gaylardiya

Gailardia become more lush and beautiful.

But often add «mineral water» be: first time – at the time of budding, and 2 times for the entire flowering period.

Spraying of chemicals Gailardia years only in the event of a defeat aphids and whitefly. It is recommended to use decis, aktellik.

In the case of the existence of signs of mildew or rot, you should apply products containing copper and sulfur colloid.

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