Gaylardiya — growing in the country

gaylardiya growing

Gaylardiya is a plant with large double blossoms that are yellow, red, brown and mixed colors.

Gaillardia grown from 50 to 80 cm.

It blooms throughout the summer and captures typically the September.

It is very undemanding to the soil and can grow well even in sandy soils.

The only thing she dislikes is saturated with moisture the land and therefore grows poorly on clay sites in the cities.

Gaylardiya propagated by seeds, dividing the Bush, green and root cuttings. So undemanding plant that does not require a method of growing seedlings.

Seeds are planted directly in the ground in April — may. Seedlings appear in the interval from 7 to 15 days. Blooms, the plant is usually the following year after sowing and can grow in one place for 3 to 4 years.

Further, it is necessary to divide and transplant. If your climate you decide to be sure gailardia plant seedling method, to sow the seeds for seedlings in March need and to plant the seedlings in may.

Years gailardia should be sown in may and planted in September. Seedlings are planted in the ground at a distance of 40-50 cm blooms for next spring.

There is a method of Seating Gilardi, as the division of the Bush.

To do this, dig a large sprawling shrub with a shovel or pruning shears to divide the root along with the stalks into several pieces, and transplanted into a suitable place for this. Do it in spring and autumn.

This plant looks good in flowerbeds, mixed borders and in bouquets. For mixed borders or borders there is a special undersized(20-30cm) varieties as well as varieties Burgunder and Bremen.

And for flower beds, garden ornaments or hedges it is best to buy a variety of Lorentz and PICTA.

Sometimes gaillardia grow in front of the fence along the street. Because the special care it requires, and looks very elegant and growing rapidly.

Of course, if you planted plant on the site, preferably at least every 2 years to feed her. Then the flowers will be larger, and the leaves will be more juicy.

Good to put a bouquet of these bright flowers and the house in a vase. They have excellent resistance – 2 weeks do not fade!

Plant any variety Gilardi on your site, and you will see that you can create a beautiful flower garden without much hassle!

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