Gasteria care at home


Gasteria – a succulent of the family Asfodelo from Africa.

It features a short stem and rigid fleshy triangular leaves are dark green, mottled spots or strips, length from 3 to 25 cm.

The significance of this flower – beautiful bright yellow, orange and green blossoms.

The cultivation of the Gaster

 Location and lighting

This plant is shade-tolerant, but in the summer, more comfortable in a well lit room, with shading from the direct rays only in the hottest hours.

It is better to place the pot on the Western and Eastern Windows on the North side of gasteria may not bloom. In winter, the flower also need good lighting for this approach fluorescent lights, they are used for at least 8 hours a day.

In the summer it bring to the open air, protected from drafts and rain. When the content in the room air the room regularly.


Gasteria prefers moderate temperature in spring and summer supported the temperature of 18-25°C. in Winter, goes dormant, so the temperature was lowered to 6-12°C. If indoors in winter to be warm, most likely will not bloom.

Watering and humidity

From spring to autumn, this succulent abundantly watered, allowing the soil to dry out. It is very important not to fill the soil.

In the autumn of irrigation significantly reduce. Dry air, this plant tolerates well, so spraying is not needed.


In the period of active growth (may to September) spend feeding. To do this, apply complete fertilizer for succulents and cacti, decreasing the concentration twice about recommended. Autumn and winter do not feed.

Transplantation and propagation

Gasteria transplanted 1 every 1-2 years, better to do it in the spring or early summer. Large specimens are transplanted every year in a larger pot with the help of handling and at the same time separating «children».

However, in a very large pot plant growing worse. The substrate taken of the following composition: leaf mold (2 parts), turf ground, peat (1 part) and very little sand. Use prepared soil for succulents, on the bottom of the tank and definitely put good drainage.

Propagated plant seeds and affiliated outlets. Seeds ripen in the summer, sow on surface of moist sand and kept under glass at 15-20°C. When seeds germinate, they are planted in a separate container.

Child sockets, separating from the parent plant roots in a mixture of turf and leaf soil, sand and charcoal.

Pests and fight with them

Pests strike gasteria infrequently. Sometimes appear on leaves mealybug, scale insects or aphids.

Insects are removed by rubbing the leaves with soap solution, if the flower is heavily infected, treated with insecticides.

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