Garnet — description and use


The most favorite ornament of ancient, medieval and today’s Armenian architecture – a bunch of grapes and the fruit of the pomegranate.

Not counting, of course, horns.

All the rest is not so canonical.

Persian and Armenian carpets almost all garnets, or at least greativity.

Armenians and Persians have always loved the ornaments, where red-cheeked fruit from the crown symmetrically located on the background of fiery colors. Even the concept is there, «red Armenian carpets».

Crimson, red, purple, brick-red shades of the carpet. Calm colours of the highlands were not given. Intensive gravitated especially.

And as all created by the people generally reflects the habitat, carefully consider this low, almost shrubby tree, prefers the southern foothills and valleys of the temperate-subtropical climate.

Today pomegranate in Armenia a little, but still it is. Much more it was in historic Armenia, and it explains the advantage of this color in the carpets.

Motherland of the garnet is Iran, Transcaucasia, Afghanistan. In the Armenian highlands this tree was chosen by South and South-East zones, which are characterized by gentle winters.

Pomegranate semi-tropical plant. He settled down in southern Europe and North Africa, India, China, USA.

Pomegranate blooms for a long time – from may to September. Due to late flowering is not damaged by spring frosts. Flowers large, bright purple, sometimes with a coral tint.

In ancient times, Phoenicia was extended trade of flowers of pomegranate. The wood of the pomegranate tree durable, bright yellow. Produced from durable products. Garnet begins to bear fruit from the fourth year.

In prehistoric times, the pomegranate along with grain crops and honey have played in human nutrition a huge role. Try to imagine: from October to the spring of the pomegranate fruits and pomegranate juice on the table every day.

Not ripe on the tree pomegranates ripen in maturation and ripening, they acquire a special taste and aroma of the wine. The fruits are kept for about six months.

Pomegranate juice made gentle wine («NREN, the Gini» pomegranate wine is one of the best Armenian wines). In Transcaucasia from pomegranate juice make high quality syrup «Narsharab» which is indispensable as a seasoning for fish and fatty meat dishes.

The number of medicinal properties, little on earth can compare with the pomegranate. Except that ginseng and mulberries.

Syrup of pomegranate give drink to the patients with fever. The juice has strong anti-scorbutic effect:


vitamins in it and bubbling up. The skin of the fruit has curative effect for enterocolitis. Recommend her and the pain in the stomach.

Infusion of the flowers is known as a tonic for a gargle with sore throat and also as an antipyretic. From young leaves for the Caucasus prepared a substitute for tea.

Pomegranate is the very smile of the mountain ultraviolet. Royal fruit. The gift of heaven to people. All inferior to the grenade, only the largest fruit, surmounted by a crown.

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