Garnet — care at home


Lovers tropical exotics can enrich your indoor garden with garnet – beautiful flowering small tree or shrub with bright glossy leaves with thin prickly branches.

This plant blooms orange-red flowers, similar to a funnel, some of which produce large red berries with lots of seeds inside.

The cultivation of pomegranate

 Location and lighting

Garnet refers to a photophilous plant, therefore, needs to be well lit, loves direct sunlight, but during the hottest summer hours, preferably pritenyat.

If it is not on the South window, needs additional lighting. Mandatory condition for the cultivation of pomegranate – permanent access of fresh air, because in the warmer months it can be kept on the balcony, or take over the city to the country.


Comfortable temperature in summer is +20-25°C., from September onwards gradually reduced.

From November to March the plant is dormant at this time, it is desirable to provide temperature of +5-10°C. a Cold winter good for further profuse flowering and fruiting.

Watering and humidity

Spring and summer watering should be regular and abundant. The soil is moistened as soon as the top layer dries up.

During fruiting can be watered twice a day. In the autumn of irrigation significantly reduce, and after opadanie leaves, watering only in order to avoid drying the substrate. It is better to use a soft vystoyanu water.

Maintaining high humidity grenade is not necessary, so it cannot be sprayed. Only during the warmer wintering grounds need regular spraying (the leaves are also rubbed with a damp sponge).


For good health grenade need regular fertilizing from spring until September. While the first months of use of nitric-phosphoric tools, and then potash.

Transplantation and propagation

In the spring, after the dormant period, conduct replanting. Young specimens are transplanted each year, adults – 2-3.

Pot while taking a little more of the former that it was so tight. The substrate should consist of turf, leaf soil, humus and sand.

Good drainage is required. Periodically need pruning and grafting shoots to crown formation and good development.

Propagated this plant, both seeds and cuttings. Freshly harvested seeds are planted in a mixture of turf and sand and are kept warm, at 22-25°C. the Grown seedlings are planted in individual pots.

In late winter, separated by 10-cm cuttings are dug into the soil and hold in the heat, under foil. Will plant, transplant to a permanent pot.

Pests and fight with them

The plant may damage spider mites, scale, aphids or whiteflies. Fight with them by using insecticides.

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