Garlic for winter – recipes

The chasnikom for the winter – recepti

Garlic is not only a spicy condiment, which is used for cooking and involved in conservation.

This Lily culture with its rich biochemical composition is a valuable product, useful in various diseases.

It is a good preventive measure (some scientists believe that garlic can even slow the growth of cancer cells).

Therefore, it is important to have it always at hand, especially in the cold season.

Are trying to do and the hostess more to prepare garlic for the winter.

Garlic for winter storage

Bookmark on long storage and can be taken winter and spring garlic. But if you don’t have a cold, dry (and even dark) room, it is best to harvest spring – he’s got more maturation varieties warm.

Collect Mature garlic need with tops – it will hang the vegetable to dry. Gather the garlic in bunches or braid it in braids from the top. To make it easier to hang, make small bundles (up to 1 kg).

Bundles of garlic in the winter air under a canopy in the course of a month (in very hot weather a bit less).

To check, dry garlic, so: gently squeeze the bulb if the teeth crumbled, the drying is finished.

Now the whole garlic need to sort out, selecting bare sprouted and rather plump – better let them immediately for food or conservation. Rotten head remove at all. In storage in winter, garlic needs to be in limbo.

Garlic for the winter — conservation

This product may not be the only seasoning in the preservation of other vegetables. Try to preserve and garlic.

Of course, a number of medicinal properties he loses, it will be a good addition to many dishes of the winter table.

 Marinating. Garlic for the winter marinated peeled and well washed. As banks put spices in allspice piece of cinnamon, Bay leaf, cloves.

To prepare the marinade, take (5 litre cans) and a half liters of water, 80 g of salt, 180 g sugar, 50 g of acetic acid (80%).

 Pickles. But for this method of preservation need garlic slightly unripe (that is, immediately from the garden). To remove the bulbs only need to cover the leaves and cut the stem (but 4 cm above the Express head).

The chasnikom for the winter – recepti

Garlic in winter, blanch in boiling water 3 min and immediately laid out on the banks. For the marinade you will need (per 1 kg of garlic) 1 Cup of water, 15 g salt, 1 Cup 9% vinegar.

And marinated garlic, salt after pouring the marinade more desirable and sterilize in a water bath: half-liter jars – 5 min, liter – 10 min.

Roll up the cover, the banks turn up the bottom for cooling.

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