Gardenia — care at home


Gardenia came to the home growers of subtropical Japan and China.

As plants are grown «Gardenia jasminoides«, which has bright green oblong leaves and beautiful white or yellow flowers.

Growing gardenias

 Location and lighting

This flower requires constant intense lighting, it requires protection from direct sunlight, as possible burns and blanching the leaves.

The best place to keep – a southern or Western window, in the daytime summer hours pritenyayut. Undesirable frequent change of illumination level, a pot you can move and rotate, not to provoke falling of the buds.


It is impossible to prevent temperature fluctuations, it negatively affects the formation of flower buds. The most comfortable temperatures of 18-22°C in summer and in winter minimum 16°C.

Watering and humidity

Gardenia grows well with regular moderately abundant watering, it is impossible to prevent overdrying or excessive moisture of the soil.

Reduce watering in winter, but still see to it that the soil was slightly moist. For irrigation use soft defend or boiled water.

Useful 1 time per month to add to water for irrigation of lemon juice. During the formation of buds is necessary to increase the humidity.

For this purpose, the plants are sprayed or put the pot on a tray with wet expanded clay or moss, the bottom of the pot should not reach down to the water.

When the buds begin to blossom spraying stopped, otherwise the petals can be spotty. The leaves need to be wiped with a damp cloth.


From March to October fertilize Gardenia fertilizer containing potassium, reducing the dosage to 2 times compared to the recommended on the package.

In addition, in the spring and summer in the soil making preparations with a high iron content to reduce the pH in the substrate.

Fertilize young plants twice a month, using by turns organic and mineral fertilizers, and adults – weekly (fertilizer should not contain calcium).

Transplantation and propagation

Transplanted Gardenia only if all roots envelop the soil ball. Propagated plant apical cuttings, is in spring and summer, root in water or sand and planted in pots.

Pests and fight with them

Flower quite often is attacked by pests, it is primarily aphids, scale insects, thrips and spider mites. On their appearance point grey dots on the leaves or brown patches on the bottom, drying the leaves gossamer.

To get rid of them, wipe the leaves with soapy water, then sprayed with insecticide. If the plant is severely infested by insects, treatment with these drugs was repeated after a week.

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