Garden variety BlackBerry

Sortie, ogini

In kind the crimson has a special subgenus of bluish-black berry – BlackBerry, which is most often found us in a wild state.

Botanists divide the sort into 2 groups: the actual BlackBerry, is an erect shrub, and rosanita with creeping stems, more like a strawberry.

BlackBerry – the culture of ancient. Already in the writings of Theophrastus is mentioned about this berry.

The Romans actively enjoyed the healing properties of blackberries for medicinal purposes, using food not only fruit, but also green shoots and chewed the young leaves.

Cultivating the BlackBerry is not tried for many centuries. Apparently, this is a feature of the Bush – a large number of spikes complicates not only the care of a plant, but the harvest.

No wonder the berry got its name by Association with the famous spiny forest resident.

The sort

The first breeders were scientists of America, where this plant in nature is particularly prevalent. And it happened in the early 19th century. In the process of hybridization there were 11 types of crops.

Almost a century, American breeders have created an entirely new culture», loganberry». The result was her appearance, modern agricultural techniques are still wondering.

The Loganberry berry is a hybrid of wild BlackBerry from the garden raspberries, then there was a Bud mutation of some sort.

However, Loganberry is popular for a surprisingly large fruit (up to 6 cm in length). And American breeders continue to lead in the number of BlackBerry plantations and derived classes.

The development of BlackBerry varieties

Despite the fact that at European latitudes of our country, blackberries are a fairly common plant as wild plants, cultivation began somewhere in the mid-20th century and moves very slow pace.

In industrial scale breeding is not carried out. The more it remained the lot of gardeners.

And there are 2 independent from each other direction. Is the domestication of wild plants of the local region, on the one hand. And that’s good, because there is no need to adapt the plant to the conditions of life.

And on the other hand, purchase of planting material imported. But then you have to take into account the demands of plants to the conditions of development and choose more suitable for this variety.

Popular varieties of BlackBerry

For growing on their garden plots selection of BlackBerry must be considered climatic features of the region. On the territories located to the Urals, restrictions on the planting of cultivated BlackBerry no.

On the Siberian expanses of accustomed varieties. Of erect suitable «Ufa local», «Urania», «East», «Updated». With

sortie, ogini

creeping – «Abundant» and «Texas.»

The Americans have also grown resistant to strong frosts the sort: «Jamberry», «Tayberry», «Boysenberry», «Taylor» (everbearing type), «Lincoln Logan» (a kind of loganberry).

Varieties that require winter shelter, for Amateur gardens can recommend are: «Era», «Darrow», «Ahava». From massivnykh survives well sort of «Thornfree» and «Wiener». But the latter is rare.

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