Garden trimmer gasoline or electric?

petrol garden trimmer

A well-manicured lawn at his cottage, always pleasing to the eye and is admired by guests and neighbors.

However, to achieve perfect results, it is necessary to work hard, and faithful assistant in this case is a garden trimmer (lawn mower).

This gardening tool, which will help to clean up around flower beds, along paths and to process the berry bushes.

In General, the trimmer has a clear advantage over with a lawn mower, you only have to decide how to choose a gasoline or electric.

Garden trimmer

First of all, this gardening tool to bevel the grass, whose cutting element is a thick fishing line.

Some models have additional features and are equipped with knife or metal disk. The total weight of the trimmer from 2.5 kg to 7 kg, and the width of the bevel from 25 cm to 40 cm

Petrol trimmer is equipped with an internal combustion engine, it drives the cutting element. Petrol garden grass trimmers equipped with two-stroke or four-stroke engine.

First to work, you need to pour the mixture of gasoline and specific oil, they have less power and are loud enough.

Four-stroke garden trimmer, more powerful, quieter and fuel oil are poured separately.

The volume of the fuel tank at the garden trimmer from 0.5 l to 1.5 L. Although some models may be slightly different. It is clear that this parameter changes the weight of the unit.

Motor gasoline trimmers for convenience is located on top of the unit, although some manufacturers place the engine in a shoulder satchel, which carries a gardener.

A garden trimmers with four-stroke engine equipped with additional nozzles «and flick of the wrist turns» into a lightweight cultivator, lopper, snowthrower.

Petrol trimmers cost more expensive electric units.

Garden trimmers are equipped with a motor, working from

trimmer electric garden

the mains by means of cable or from the battery.

In these models the location of the motor can be top and bottom.

Electric trimmers with the motor at the top is a little more powerful and may have additional attachments in the form of a saw or brushcutter.

Electric trimmer has the name of the letter EV or ES can to work instead of fishing line using a knife-mill.

Rechargeable models are equipped with shoulder straps. Their value is lower than petrol units.

Here we come to the main question, «what garden trimmer is better petrol or electric?» Actually the answer is quite simple.

Electric trimmer less productive, so if the application area on the dacha is not large, it is fine.

The only restriction, distance outlets, and weather conditions. In cloudy weather to work with this tool can be dangerous.

Petrol grass trimmer has been designed for plots larger area. They have more opportunities, and they do not depend on eletrodomestic, although heavier than electric, louder and more expensive. In any case, the choice is yours.

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