Garden shredder (shredder)

garden shredder (shredder)

These units are not widely known in Russia among the cottagers, although there are excellent assistants to work in the garden and at the cottage.

Eventually of course they will become more popular because GBM is already appreciated by foreign farmers and it’s called shredder.

Garden shredder

The main purpose of garden shredders recycling grass, leaves, branches of trees, shrubs, and vegetables and fruits.

All this shredder easily processed into high quality material for the compost heaps. Also chopped herbs make a great mulch.

Choosing a garden shredder first of all pay attention to such characteristics as the maximum grind diameter wood (twigs, branches).

The more capabilities of the shredder, the greater the unit design, more powerful engine and more expensive cost.

Manufacturers of garden shredders are divided into three main types: household, semi-professional and professional.

Garden shredder (shredder) wood household purposes

The appropriate units for use in the garden plots. Produced usually with electric motors, so use this shredder will be able almost anyone.

Weight garden shredder from 12 kg to 24 kg, although the improvement can vary. Power consumption is not more than 3.0 kW.

The deck is made of bilateral cutting disc which rotates at a speed 2800-3600 rpm, there are also models with low shear cutter 40 – 47 Rev/min.

Disk garden waste shredders need to load portions in the manual. To clean the unit will also have their own.

Models are equipped with a milling cutter equipped with automatic feed materials for processing, and the reverse for clean up if the shredder clogged. They work quieter and vibrate less.

It is also worth asking the seller about the possibility of a garden shredder, as not all models are able to cope simultaneously with hard and soft fruit branches.

Semi-professional shredder is equipped with the petrol engine, so it can be used even in the absence of electricity.

Power in the area 5 yrs., the gas tank about 1.5 L. Weight up to 50 kg. This garden shredder is more suitable for small farmers or for a few sites.

Professional garden shredders, machines serious, they can not stand even a

garden shredder (shredder)

logs up to 300 mm, which in a few minutes processed into chips.

Models can be equipped with a gasoline engine, diesel and electric (three phase). The weight of these shredders to 420 kg

They are intended mainly for companies that deal with cutting of trees, uprooting of bushes etc.

Such shredders are practically not used by the gardeners on their favorite villas.

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