Garden pruning blackberries

Pruning blackberries

Among the requirements for the care of garden plants is mandatory pruning.

The reasons why performed these works are different: the formation of the crown, removal of infected shoots, thinning.

As for the trimming of BlackBerry, there are several different approach to agriculture, based on the characteristics of culture.

As the berries has specific grow very quickly, the annual thinning is required. Excess growth may be the most harmful «weed» for a plant.

Pruning blackberries

But that’s what shoots you want to remove and what to leave? The peculiarity of plants is that each sector is able to produce not more than 2 years.

Therefore, it is necessary to clearly follow the development of shrub and woody shoots that have reached the age of 3 years cut off at the root.

To carry out this procedure in the middle of autumn, formed by the thinning cuttings are used for propagation of BlackBerry.

Part of the young shoots must also be cut, creating good conditions for productivity. To provide themselves with large juicy berries on one Bush is enough to have 6-7 shoots, giving this period the fruit.

All other branches need to be removed to they were not pulling from the soil nutrients.

Absolutely fresh shoots should be separated from the main hive, so it does not interfere with the development of the fruit.

Usually only formed shoots bend to the ground (some of them dropped on planting material), while others (fruit-bearing) stems tied guiding their development vertically.

To form a Bush of blackberries, pruning is not used. The external decorative appearance of the plant and give with interlacing shoots.

With this purpose, the rope form of a Bush fan or with the help of intertwining stems. In the latter case, there are 2 options – unusual escapes or heading in one direction or in the opposite direction.

The «beautification» of the Bush is best done in autumn, when the blackberries are already fruiting. If it shoots that 2 years in a row to bring forth, is not completely removed, and Bush tied up but «new-born» branch, which next year will already be with the berries.

To the branches of a BlackBerry the second year of life to give high quality results, they should encourage shortening. This should be done in the spring, cutting off escape on 2 sheets.

That Bush looked more decorative, it is desirable that all the shoots it had the same length. This is the crop top

pruning blackberries


After the end of vegetation period it is possible to deal with sanitary pruning, removing diseased or dried shoots (old).

If the branch is not fully struck, pruning can be a partial, cutting off only the «sick» area.

But it should be remembered that the length of a short shoot should not be less than 8 cm from ground level.

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