Garden products with their hands

garden products

Many people dream to decorate your country site and make the garden extremely beautiful.

This can be achieved by making crafts for the garden by yourself.

Garden ornaments you can make almost everything what the imagination will suffice.

They are always original and unique, it is impossible to make several of the same products.

Any little thing for the garden should fit harmoniously into the overall style and design of suburban homes.

So, if your country house are made of wood and the inside is lined with lining, it is best in the summer cottage will look products made in the same style — from twigs, driftwood and wood.

You can make garden paths, laying in some thin wooden circles. Thin bars also can protect flowerbeds.

Wicker to weave a basket and put it in the garden. Inside the basket to plant beautiful flowers. The handle of the basket to decorate butterflies that are easy to make from empty plastic bottles.

Also the General style will fit a small decorative well wood.

If your holiday home decorated outside with bright siding, or painted with variegated colors, it is important to make products that will not be lost on the background of bright house, but rather to emphasize its appeal.

Colorful crafts you can make from plastic bottles. This tall palm trees, and charming Lily, funny animals, etc.

To create products for the garden from plastic bottles very easily. It is only necessary to cut the desired shape and use of colors and curves to give the desired color and shape.

In many suburban areas fits perfectly to the design element of garden decor, like a Scarecrow. This interesting detail can make with your children.

To create the Scarecrow, you will need to prepare two sticks, an old sack or pillow case, unnecessary clothes, a bundle of straw. Sticks to put together a cross and bury it in the ground.

On the bag to draw a face with bright markers and fill it with straw. To attach the head to the stick using rope or wire. Scared to put on old pants and a shirt, stuffed inside with straw.

Wear the head of the broad old hat. At its discretion, at Scarecrow you can wear a wide bright belt, decorate clothing with bright colors or simple patches.

The product can be placed near a berry patch. In addition to decorative role, the Scarecrow will scare the birds that love to feast on the sweet berries in other people’s gardens.

Garden products with their hands quite simple to implement, do not take a lot of time and material costs. The main thing — to be able to see in the junk and old things a new purpose.

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