Garden pests of legumes (peas, beans) and methods of dealing with them

Bruchus (pea weevil)

As in other garden plants, legumes also have their enemies, which necessarily have to fight to not lose the harvest.

Pests of peas, beans and beans, usually polyphagous.

These include the sucker, meadow moth, pea weevil (bruchus), aphid, pea moth, pea weevil, and so on.

We will consider methods of struggle against the most dangerous, which feed on seeds and can kill the plant at the very early stage of development.

Bruchus (pea weevil), one of the biggest pests of legumes. The bug is 5mm long, with a spot similar to the white cross, located on the fender liner. Females lay eggs on young shoots of beans, peas.

After about 14 days the larvae, which fit between the walls of the pods and climb inside developing fruit.

Then the pupation of the larvae. They can be found in the dark spots on the shell.

To protect the crop from this pest of legumes, you need to follow the rules of rotation of crops.

Try to destroy the infested peas that they do not remain in the soil, they overwinter pea weevil.

Spend a deep digging of the soil to bruchus couldn’t get to the surface. Seeds, intended for planting, place in a container and pour salty water, infested peas will emerge.

Another representative of pests of beans and peas – aphids. This species is distinguished from others by size. Pea aphids are larger than others and reach 5-6 mm in length. Lay eggs in black, a little elongated shape.

In the spring the larvae leave their winter quarters, located on the stems of legumes and begin to draw out juices. They are able to fly to other plants and therefore the extent of their settlement can be enormous.

Females can produce up to 170 eggs, and during the growing season from 4 to 10 generations, depending on weather conditions.

To fight these pests of legumes, it is necessary to adhere to elementary rules. Destroy all perennial weeds grow near peas, beans, beans.

Try to get early planting, then the harvest loss will be reduced. Not to plant culture on one and the same place.

Pea moth is also a dangerous enemy of peas and beans.

Gorokhova podozerka

This little butterfly can cause enormous damage to young seedlings. It looks quite innocent, dark brown with a wingspan of 1.5 cm.

During flowering legumes lays up to 300 eggs on the leaves of plants. Eventually they turn yellow and very difficult to detect on the beans.

After about a week the caterpillars appear, they burrow through the pods and climb inside to the peas. All the harvest is ruined.

To combat this pest of peas and beans use methods of farming, same as with others. Deep digging, crop rotation, destruction of infected plants.

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