Garden path with his hands

Garden path with his hands

It is hard to imagine the current exterior of any suburban area without garden paths.

It is not only practical but also very beautiful.

But if garden path with his hands above, it is appreciated even more.

Many gardeners especially not to overstrain yourself, spread the usual concrete paths, but it’s so sad looking. How to make a beautiful and original?

Tracks from chocks

Lumps cut from cut trees, look very nice and unusual. But before you put them on the track, they need to treat the surface with an antiseptic preparation to protect from rotting.

Pre-dig a shallow trench, the depth of which should be approximately 5 cm longer than the width of the chocks.

On the bottom of the trench is poured a layer of gravel an average of 3 cm of the same sand and well tamped. Immediately start laying chocks not forgetting to pour water.

Wooden elements are set as tightly as possible. After the work is performed with chocks in the gaps of sleep mixed to each other the gravel and the sand and water.

Use ready-made forms

Can be done garden path with his own hands using special forms that resemble when connecting puzzles. Working with them is very easy.

It is useful first to determine the location of future trails. You can use the pegs and rope.

You need to prokapat a trench depth of approximately 10 cm At the bottom to pour the gravel or pebble layer within 3 cm, sand – 5 cm and compacted, watering with water.

Molds for soda tracks lubricated with motor oil or vegetable and set on the ground. For the batch solution you need to take one part of cement, three of sand and four parts gravel.

As the binder will need a mix for the Foundation. While stirring pour the water. The mixture should quite thick.

To give the future path of the desired color, you can use the dye. The prepared mortar using a trowel applied form in and well tamped.

Surplus clean metal or plastic spatula. In this state, the form leaves for about 40 minutes. After which it is carefully removed and moved to the next place.

If the mold inside was first oiled, then when removing the solution is not disturbed.

Natural stone

Looks very picturesque garden path of natural stone on green grass background. The styling process is quite simple, besides the costs of physical power is minimized.

First mark the future path, conduct a «fitting» — laid out the stones, encircle chalk their location and commence its substantive work.

Each stone removed, and removed a layer of earth with grass, keeping to the marked lines of chalk. After this the tiles are laid in place and tamped. All stones must be on the same level. If there is depression, their sleep sand.

The manufacture of tiles

Garden path with his hands

Also you can make your own original tile for garden paths.

For example, you can take a big burdock leaf and on its surface lay the prepared cement mortar adhering to the shape of the leaf.

After curing, the tile will have a texture of burdock and its form.

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